As we enter spring another new year many of us are now planning our summer holidays in nice sunny places. This gives us our ideal opportunity to wear our most revealing bathing gear to display our wonderful shapes to the populace.

Yet what if we are not in that good of shape, these opportunities then become a bit of a drag, as we then often want to hide rather than flaunt our best attributes.

Having been in the health field for over 19 years I have seen many weird wild and wonderful ways people use to try and get themselves into their ideal shape, but alas most of them give very limited returns.

Being an experienced in the field of health and nutrition, I have learned some vital tips that can make being in shape a relatively easy task. 

Slimming is as much a mental game as a physical one, remember it is the same mind that gets you to eat junk that also gets you to stick on a proper weight loss routine. The question is how do you get it to do what you want, rather than what your bad habits want? How do you make your desire to be in shape stronger than your desire to eat that piece of junk?

It’s all about control where on the one hand we can feed the very thing that makes us weak, no will power etc, and on the other hand, we can feed what makes us strong and in control.

The real six marker question is how do we feed what we want in ourselves and not feed what we don’t want?

Here are a few simple steps:

1. Never go on drastic caloric reducing diets as these can have a very draining effect on you physically and mentally. Also, a lot of the time much of the weight you lose on these diets is solid tissue, which can further lower your metabolic rate making it easier for you to store fat.

This can be seen by people on reducing diets where they can get very drawn or gaunt-looking yet they can still have fat on their belly.

2. Always slim in conjunction with a health programme as this is inclined to make the weight loss more lasting. By this I mean by feeding your nerves the right nutrients that that keep them relaxed calm and stable, you will be more relaxed and find it easier to stick on a reducing diet. Vitamin/ mineral deficiencies are one way of robbing your self of the mental strength to stay on your diet. A good nutrient formula here would be the cell rejuvenation mix as it is the most scientifically researched antioxidant formula I know and has most nutrients in probably the easiest form for them to be absorbed.

3. Never try and do too much too soon, always stick on the amount of your weight loss programme that you feel comfortable with and then gradually increase it as the weeks go by. For example, if you have never tried walking for exercise before, try walking for 5 minutes a day, to begin with for a week, then increase it by an extra 5 minutes a week, until you can do a good 20 minute’s every day.

4. It’s your shape that counts not your weight. Use the mirror more as your judge more than the scales as you can look great on the scales until you look in the mirror, where weight wise you are great but shape-wise you can be gaunt and scrawny with a belly. Weigh yourself only once a week, preferably on the same day.

5. Try to take in 100g of protein every day, this builds up lean tissue and helps keep your metabolic rate in check. Some examples of the protein content in 3.5 (100g) ounces of food.

6. Keep junk food to a minimum.

7. Pick a day a week (Saturday) to reward yourself for your successes with a small amount of your favourite food.

8. Eat food in as near to its natural state as possible i.e.: if you have bread make it wholegrain bread not white, with meat eat the leaner cuts not sausages corn beef etc, and also try and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

9. Eat little and often throughout the day rather than have a couple of large meals, as the frequent eating helps your body’s ability to burn fat better.

10. Keep a diary and each day write down in it the things that you did right of your programme, this helps develop a success consciousness.

11. While your body is asleep it naturally produces a substance that helps burn fat for energy, that is why you normally weigh lighter in the morning than at night. Taking Amino-Or on an empty tummy has proven very useful to many of our customers in working along with this natural fat burning process in the body.

12. Many people, even though they are eating good food are often eating food that is not very balanced (too many carbohydrates and fat). These unbalanced foods can then store more easily as fat in the body. The Amino-Energise can prove very useful here were taking them in conjunction with the food that you are eating, can have a balancing effect on the foods that they are eating. This can prove very beneficial to those who find it very hard to go on a diet.

I myself did the You to Super You weight loss box and lost 32 pounds and you can too. It is a great Kickstarter to your weight loss journey. Best of luck!! Caro

32 pounds lost in 14 weeks




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