Tanning the natural way this Summer

Top tips on Tanning the natural way this Summer

Do you ever find yourself yearning for that golden glow but when the Summer season finishes you still find yourself as pasty as ever? Do you long for sallow, golden toned skin that glows during the summer months? Well look no further than right here, follow these simple steps that are sure to support your […]


Profemme icecream

Ingredients 1 cup cottage cheese 1 big frozen (peeled) banana 1/2 cup of profemme vanilla 2 tbsp. freeze-dried berries of your natural flavour of choice Blend everything together 2. Stick it a big tupperware. 3. Freeze for 30-50 mins. 4. Take out of the freezer and churn (i.e. mix around with a spoon or fork). […]


Did you know… Most fish oils are not strong enough, and too diluted!

In recent reports, the powerful European Food safety Authority stated not only that you need to take a full 3g (3000 mg) of Omega-3 fish oils to make the difference when it comes to common conditions such as blood pressure  but also that such an amount was safe for people in general, including those on […]


Tips on lowering cholesterol

Tips on lowering cholesterol  Half a cup of hazelnuts daily may do the job better than drugs The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently published a well-controlled study on men with high cholesterol. The researchers started these men on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet for four weeks. Then they supplemented that diet for four weeks with […]


Can Alzheimers Disease & Dementia be avoided or even improved

Conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease result in diminished mental capacity, coordination and behavioural changes. In their early stages, they are a demonstration of what happens when you get a considerable reduction of neurotransmitters in the brain.


The foundations of Youth

Three secrets of vibrant well-being – at any age! In business and life, the secret of success so often comes down to a formula. A good formula is easy to remember, and tells you the steps you need to take. The best formulas call to mind powerful images and feelings that propel us into action. […]


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