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4 Reasons The Right Protein Powder Can Change Your Life

One of the biggest nutritional problems that many women face is simply not getting enough protein into their day. A simple protein powder can make all the difference.

For many women, the thought of eating more protein translates to getting big and bulky – something they want to avoid. Rest assured, however, this will not happen.

The fact is you need protein to function every day and additionally, to achieve your desired body composition. Protein offers so many benefits, you simply can’t afford to miss out on it.

Let’s quickly go over how protein will help you in your mission to get strong, healthy, and fit.

Increased Metabolic Rate

What if I told you that drinking a protein shake could help you increase how many total calories you burned each day? Well, that is precisely what a good protein powder can do.

Protein-rich foods have a high thermic effect on food, which essentially means you burn off a number of calories just digesting it. For every 100 calories of protein you consume, you’ll burn off around 25-30 of those calories through digestive processes.

For every 100 calories of carbohydrates or dietary fats, you’ll burn off 4 or 2 calories respectively. This over the long run could help you see fat loss results.

Improved Bone Density

Next, when you choose a protein powder that’s rich in calcium such as Profemme, you’ll also help build stronger bones. Maintaining your bone density as a woman is important as when you reach menopause, you’ll be at an increased risk of stress fractures and osteoporosis.

What you do now sets the stage for the future. Profemme protein powder gives you a full day’s worth of calcium per serving.

Help With Your Menstrual Cycle

Some protein powders, such as Profemme are also fortified with other ingredients that may help to regulate your menstrual cycle. This means fewer cramping, fewer food cravings, and more energy. If you struggle with PMS, this could find relief with this product.

Look for a product that contains GLA, isoflavones, as well as Broccoli extract, all of which can assist with the menstrual cycle.

Improved Exercise Recovery

Do not underestimate the importance of having sufficient protein as far as exercise recovery goes. After you perform exercise training, be it cardiovascular training or strength training, your body is going to experience small breakdowns that then have to be repaired.

With enough protein, this process happens quickly and you’ll bounce back and be ready to do another workout a short while later. Without enough protein, you’ll be struggling to feel your best and may find that your energy and strength lags for a few days after a workout session.

Drinking a protein shake immediately following exercise is a fantastic idea to jumpstart the recovery process and help ensure you see results from your training.

Additionally, Profemme is created using casein proteins, which are different from your regular whey protein and break down much slower in the body. This means that you’ll reduce your appetite longer, giving you superior hunger control.

So hopefully now you can see why it’s so important to get more protein into your diet and why a protein shake such as Profemme is the perfect way to do it. It’s fast, easy, and tastes great. Everything a busy woman needs.

4 Reasons The Right Protein Powder Can Change Your Life by Caroline Middleton Holistic Nutritionist

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