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Cholesterol lowering

A Natural Way To Reduce Cholesterol 

Cholesterol is associated with heart problems, and if you have too much in your blood, it’s likely to be because your system isn’t working too well overall. So it’s a great idea to bring it down to normal levels. 

Cholesterol is an important natural substance and in itself is not a bad thing. For instance, it helps make the steroid hormones that give us resistance to stress, and the sex hormones which contribute to our drive and energy. 

Normal Cholesterol Levels

In some cases, you may be advised to prevent your body from making cholesterol with a drug and must follow medical advice. But outside of medical treatment, you may want to make your system work better and help your cholesterol levels become normal using a dietary approach. 

Supplementing A Healthy Diet

It is good to eat the type of diet that will reduce your cholesterol and make everything flow better in your body, but this is often slower than we would wish in producing results. 

healthy diet for good cholesterol

This is where Tony Quinn Educohealth Lipo-Clear comes in. Lipo Clear provides a special form of fibre, Beta-Glucan from oats, which is particularly good at attaching to cholesterol in your system and carrying it away out of the body.

As a result, it has been shown to reduce cholesterol and increase the formation of the substances that carry it out of the body. 

Make this a regular part of your diet and there will be a continual flow of bad cholesterol out of your system. 

Why is this better than eating porridge? Well, it’s simple – when you eat porridge you’re increasing the carbohydrate load on the body, which can be quite a problem for people whose system is so slowed down that they are producing or holding onto excess cholesterol. 

People in this position often have real difficulty handling carbohydrates, and should ideally avoid a diet that causes surges in blood sugar. 

The Great Advantage Of Lipo-Clear

The Tony Quinn Educohealth Lipo-Clear approach, in contrast, provides this cholesterol-grabbing ingredient in a protein background. This has the great advantage that it is a great non-carbohydrate food source that can reduce your need to snack on more unsuitable foods. To get the best results, you should take two portions of Lipo-Clear daily. 

Furthermore, Tony Quinn Educohealth Lipo-Clear helps your exercise and training get results by supporting muscular development. 

So even a small amount of training and exercise, which will also help your cholesterol, becomes much more effective with this whole approach.

Written by Martin Forde – Naturopath & Osteopath