Amino Acids

Amino Acids

Why Amino Energise is best for you

Amino Energise provides a broad-spectrum of 23 free-form amino acids, the building blocks of protein, which are absorbed directly by the body, not requiring digestion. They are available immediately for protein formation in any and all tissues of the body. Protein tissue is the active, high-energy part of all your body systems that burn calories to keep you well and alive.

Protein also makes up the solid lean tissue of your muscles, and protein in your diet supports muscular development which is officially recognised by the EU as healthful and beneficial. Having lots of lean tissue helps you use your food properly, while having a lot of fatty tissue does not help you use your food very well.

Amino Energise should not be confused with branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which are metabolised in muscle tissue primarily but have never been shown to enhance muscle growth. Because it is full spectrum, Amino Energise in fact contains BCAA’s, but in balance with 20 other Amino acids that are available to all your organs, glands and tissues.

A further advantage of Amino Energise is that it can fill out missing bits in the protein structure of other foods. For instance many foods like bread are incomplete in their protein, and Amino Energise provides amino acids that may be incomplete or in short supply. The resulting protein combination can make it easier for your body to create new highly active proteins, which is what you want from eating food.

It is not unusual also for part of the protein in foods to be damaged in cooking or digestion, and here again Amino Energise will supply the correct amino acid where one has been damaged, so making the overall meal a more complete one.

Finally, Amino Energise should not be confused with products made from pre-digested collagen or whey. These inexpensive products are not free-form but rather peptide-bonded. Peptides in many cases are absorbed whole and in some cases can result in allergic reactions, which is not an issue with free-form Amino Acids such as in Amino Energise.

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