Amino Energise

Amino Energise

Are You Suffering From Malnutrition?

When you read the above headline you may think to yourself “I’m not starving, how can I be suffering from malnutrition?”

Well to understand this more clearly let us look at the word `malnutrition’.

It is a combination of the French word `mal’ (meaning bad) and `nutrition’. So rather than meaning starving yourself, malnutrition means bad nutrition. In light of this how good is your nutrition?

Imagine your muscle as a brick wall.

Many people have some of the bricks missing, leaving them with a slowed metabolism (causing them to gain fat easier) and suffering from fatigue. Carefully feeling your muscles often reveals just how porous they are. This can be an indication of our body not being at its best. How then do we fill in these missing blocks?

Muscles, Skin, Hair, Brain and Nervous System

This is done by taking a special protein formula that is made of pure free-form amino acids, the basic building blocks of protein. Think of them like Lego blocks that your body can make into any protein shape it needs.

When you take them, they are assimilated directly and do not need to be digested, and go directly to feed your muscles, skin and hair. For those interested in mental health, they also directly feed the nervous system and the brain.

If you are concerned about your shape, they help make any protein you eat more complete and more usable by the body. Also when taken with meals they can help you sustain energy naturally while slimming.

This special protein formula is called `Amino-Energise’.

Athletes and Sportspeople

An athlete or sportsperson does a lot of physical training. Of particular interest to athletes is the ability of their muscles to respond to this training. Protein is especially important in ensuring that the muscles perform to their best.

Amino-Energise is a special formula of amino-acids which is a convenient form of readily digested protein that can help supply the body’s needs before, during, and after exercise. It is an ideal complement to virtually any type of exercise.

Tiredness and Fatigue

If you are working long hours or are constantly on the go it can have a very draining affect on your mind and body. Amino-Energise can help supply you with ideal protein support at times like this. Also the specialised ingredients in this formula help to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. This is surely great news for anybody with low energy levels.

High Purity Standard

There are many amino acid products available on the market, but here are a few differences between them and the Amino-Energise. Most so-called “amino-acid” products are peptide-bonded products created by partially digesting cheap sources of protein. They contain a relatively small proportion of free-form amino acids and in many cases almost none in pure form. Many of the peptides formed are assimilated unchanged and have allergenic potential, as well as undocumented, physiological effects.

Pure free-form amino acids such as in Amino Energise, in contrast, contain no formed protein or peptides. The pure amino acid composition of this product has been verified by the Irish State Laboratory. It is also manufactured in Ireland to EU standards. So when you next think to yourself,

 “How do I maintain a good level of energy while supporting the health of my muscles, skin, hair, brain and nervous system?”

Try reaching for your Amino-Energise and see what it does for you.

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