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Are You a Winner in The Game of Life? Dr Tony Quinn

Are You a Winner in The Game of Life?

Did you ever wonder to yourself how is it that some people have a charmed life where almost everything they touch seems to turn to gold? The famous quote by ”Dr Tony Quinn”. If you want something believe that you have it and without any inner doubt it will come about”

They seem to have it all, that indefinable something that separates them from the rest of us. They can fly through their exams in school, be really popular, self-confident, have a good career, be in really good satisfying relationships, and are generally a success in almost anything they do.

On the other hand, for many of us, life can be a struggle with dead-end jobs, bad relationships, poor health, bad self-image, financial insecurity, and reduced popularity.

What is it that makes one person’s life take off and another person never really gets off the ground?

It doesn’t come down to genetics, how good-looking, how academically brilliant, or how privileged a background we come from.

People from all classes of society can mess up. So what is this vital spark that helps keep a person in “the happy productive mode.” The answer comes in one word – Mindset.

The Magic Mindset of Those Who Succeed

Those who succeed have a mindset that green-lights them when they approach a situation. They ignore the limitations in their own mind and of those around them and instead really go for it.

This allows them to bring a much higher level of energy into whatever they are doing. In this state, they become really switched on and have great presence, energy, and drive. This whole different level of energy is what really carries the day. This reflects in the productivity, personal charisma, and liveliness that they demonstrate.

The Birds That Don’t Fly

Unfortunately, those of us, who fail, find it hard to take our focus out of our limitations and into getting our goals.

This weakens our focus and our energy becomes scattered and then very little of our energy goes into whatever situation that we want to do well in.

In a situation like this, the person’s unconscious has become cluttered with negative influences that keep surfacing and blowing them out of the water.

These negative thought patterns create a mindset that is more rigid, less spontaneous, more self-conscious, lacking in confidence, and unfocused.

In a sense, we can be our own worst enemy here. This happens when the influences in our unconscious stop us from taking action in vital areas of our life. Among those areas are relationships, career, self-expression, etc.

This can be like an emotional break that is almost permanently turned on stopping us from having the life we had always promised our self.

Can You Get Your Unconscious on Your Side?

It all comes down to how well our unconscious is loaded. With the right loading, it is like a green light allowing us free reign to go forward and get our goals.

If it is loaded with negative influences it is like a red light. This then can seem like we are stuck in a mental strait-jacket that won’t allow us out to play.

Think about it for a moment – We can be away with our favourite person in our favourite place yet if our mind is not in the right state the best part of us won’t appear to make it happen. We can have all the right ingredients here but we still can’t make it happen.

How many situations are we cheating ourselves out of living in, by our badly loaded unconscious?

We may even think to ourselves I will move to another country and make a fresh start. Yet unfortunately, we bring the same mindset which usually then attracts the same type of situations to us.

Having this mental brake on in our mind can then severely reduce our quality of life.

The Path to Unconscious Power

The only way to move forward in a productive way then is to have our unconscious mind on our side.

This would entail loosening out the negative mental strands that are binding our unconscious power.

These are like negative mental pathways that we are used to threading.

We have to expose the patterns of these limitations and also help reset new productive patterns in their place.

A huge help in this is the download “Start a New Life Today” by Dr Tony Quinn MSc.

This download contains vital information that helps realign the unconscious mind into a more harmonious productive unit.

Basically, it helps line up our minds in the direction we want to go in, away from the frustrations of our more scattered normal approach.

It does this by explaining different pathways that help load our minds in a much better manner. In the process, it helps reprogram the mind more to your liking.

Relaxation with a Purpose

Having a noisy unconscious sending disruptive thoughts up into our mind can make us very stressed and unfocused. This can make us live in a more unhappy, agitated manner. It also can make it hard for us to focus all our energy on goals we would like to achieve.

A huge help here is the download Relaxation with a Purpose again by Dr Tony Quinn. This unique download helps relax not just the conscious mind but also the unconscious mind too.

When we get the two minds agreeing and going along together this helps stop the inner conflict many people experience on an ongoing basis in their life.

This is a level of relaxation the normal person does not usually achieve.

The more relaxed the mind the easier it is to focus on our goals and make them happen. So if you are a business person, athlete, artist or multi-tasking mother, etc, check out the benefits of this download.   

It is an ideal compliment to the Start a New Life Today

The Background behind EDUCO®

Dr Tony Quinn is best known for his work in helping Irish boxer Steve Collins win the World Super-Middleweight Boxing title. In the process, he beat (previously unbeaten for 10 years) Chris Eubank. Dr. Quinn helped train Steve’s mind as well as changing his diet and training methods. It proved to be a winning combination. He is also famous for helping four people undergo pain-free operations without any anesthetic. Each one of the participants felt no pain. This was a university study for which Dr. Quinn received an MSc.

He also holds qualifications in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

His ground-breaking mind training system is called EDUCO®

The Magic of EDUCO® by Dr Tony Quinn

The word EDUCO® comes from the Latin meaning To Draw out from Within.

In other words, most of us have great talent, abilities, and natural confidence that unfortunately almost never get to see the light of day.

Part of the EDUCO® process is to help draw out this lost potential from the person’s unconscious.

The Life of Our Dreams

There is nothing worse than a life not lived where the person gets trapped behind the walls of mental frustration and agitation. These two downloads really help stack the odds on our side for us to break out from behind these barriers and live a more exciting, fulfilling life. All it takes is to line our minds up in a less agitated, more relaxed, better-focused way. Let these two downloads be the first steps in helping us do this. Isn’t it about time we got the best part of us out to play?

Check out the Educoword website to learn more about EDUCO® and Dr Tony Quinn

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