brain in sync

Brain In Sync

Too much caffeine can end up slowing you down, but pantothenic acid, iron and vitamins all contribute to normal brain and mental performance and normal cognitive function.

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This is how to use supplements to beat brain fatigue, as well as helping many other aspects of your system’s performance.

When The Brain Slows Down

With stress, and sometimes the overuse of stimulants including caffeine, we can sometimes find our brains slow down or come to a complete stop when faced with sustained mental tasks. These could include getting organised, doing analyses, studying material, making complex decisions, and coming up with new ideas for your life and your forward progress.

A Powerful Step

The usual advice in the face of this is to de-stress, take time off, go for a walk etc. and all this is good advice, but especially if time is of the essence, getting your nutrition right is a very very powerful step – you could call it a game changer.

Without iron (and zinc), it’s hard to concentrate. And pantothenic acid in the form of Tony Quinn Educohealth Pan Tac has an unusual property of supporting mental performance, mainly because of a strong anti-stress effect, counteracting stress hormones that can reduce your speed of thinking, and your ability to make connections.

All The B vitamins, and vitamin C also make a contribution in this area, and will be very helpful. But they work well in a background of an abundant supply of amino acids from protein and a favourable hormonal state.

Practice Makes Perfect

How do you put this information into practice? Well, it can depend on the kind of diet you’re used to eating. If you avoid meat, and drink tea or coffee, you could very easily lack iron, as tea and coffee strongly reduce iron absorption. Therefore a supplement of Tony Quinn Educohealth Haemoglobin Iron or our high-iron Special Liver Formula could be your first port of call, and we would suggest you combine it with Tony Quinn Educohealth Pan Tac for a different kind of brain support. 

If you eat meat or fish regularly and absorb iron well, Tony Quinn Educohealth Pan Tac in conjunction with our mega supplement Tony Quinn Educohealth Life Force Mix can transform your mental Landscape quite quickly.

Written by Martin Forde – Naturopath & Osteopath