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Cholesterol: Winning The Heart Race

While cholesterol itself is not the problem, a person with high blood cholesterol is likely to be clogged up by products that have too much sugar, and the wrong kinds of fats and starches in their diet. This needs to be corrected.

The First Step

A huge first step is to identify the bad fats in the food we eat. The wrong fats are primarily oxidised cholesterol and oxidised fats of every kind. These are found in bakery goods, over processed meats, fried meats, reheated food of any description –  very common in fast food outlets – and also cooked fats in sauces in particular. They are even found in bread, nearly all of which is made with some level of unsuitable fats. 

Clean Eating

A diet based on clean eating without sauces or baked goods Is a huge start. There’s a whole other approach that can be added to the plan of avoiding bad fats. This is to ensure the body has enough resources to pull cholesterol out of the bloodstream, as well as other bad fats, and make sure it’s removed straight out of the body. When you do this, you don’t stop the body making good cholesterol for its excellent proper purposes in terms of hormones, memory, brain function, glandular function, drive and intelligence.

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Normal Cholesterol levels

So just make sure the turnover of cholesterol is better and stacks the odds in your favour. This is where Tony Quinn Educohealth LipoClear comes in.

Two portions daily of this healthy muscle-building protein can bring cholesterol down to more normal levels, while providing Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D to ensure the healthy intake of calcium in your diet goes into your bones and supports your nerves as it is intended to do.

Written by Martin Forde – Naturopath & Osteopath