Do the Best for Your Child

Do the Best for Your Child

I’ll never forget going to school as a young child back in the 1960’s, there were 52 guys in my class. Of all those kids only one guy was overweight and that was because his father had a high paying job and the guy could afford to buy lots of sweets and other goodies for his lunch. The rest of us had no fat on us at all. We were eating the plain food where he could afford the richer food.

It’s frightening to look at how things have changed in the intervening 50 years.  The National Children’s Research Centre state: ‘Ireland has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in the world. One in four Irish school-going children is either overweight or obese’. 

If you turned back the clock to my time and applied similar statistics 13 guys in my class would have been over weight rather than one. That would make us 13 times worse off than in the early 1960’s. Frightening isn’t it. Who would want their child to be a victim of these statistics? It is also important to note that overweight children are quite likely to become overweight adults.

Not the type of start you want to give your precious little ones.

The Challenges of Modern Child Rearing

Dealing with children today can be very challenging. Unfortunately more than ever our children are exposed to many different forms of an unhealthy lifestyle. With the predominance of junk food and the fascination for tuning into the virtual world at every turn, the mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc our children are becoming more sedentary and out of shape.

Sadly this can lead to health problems and a negative self-image, that some can struggle with for the rest of their lives.

Being active and exercising is an obvious step in helping to redress this.

Get your child to join in a sport, tennis, football, swimming, running, martial arts, camogie, dancing, etc.

Also improving the nutrition of your child is vitally important.

Good nutrition helps fuel them to be the best they can be.

To do this here are a few simple guidelines:

Healthy Tips for Your Child

  •   Eat food in as near to its natural state as possible.  (For example instead of eating white bread eat wholemeal bread and also switching from white rice to brown rice, from normal package cereals to oatmeal, etc).
  •  Eat lean meat, eggs (preferably free range), fish and game meat.
  •  Also eat fresh fruit, raw salads, and cooked vegetables.
  •  Make sure your child’s protein intake is sufficient. (This can be a problem with some children as modern living with its predominance of fast foods, high carbohydrates, high fat sugary meals, may often leave precious little room for adequate amounts of quality protein)
  •  If possible get them to develop a taste for both cooked and raw vegetables.
  •  Avoid sugars, sugary drinks, and keep junk food to a minimum.

Doing any of this is going to help and the more of it you can do the better.

An Ideal Support

An excellent way to help kick off this whole health program is to give your child something that is tasty that can cover some of the most important aspects of their nutrition.

To do this I often try to introduce a delicious Chocolate Flavoured Protein food shake, which is also very high in bone friendly calcium. It is also high in protein and has virtually no fat.

It makes an ideal breakfast to fuel your little ones before they go into school.

Being so easy and quick to prepare Proform Children’s Chocolate Protein takes the chore out of breakfast preparation.

It is also an excellent aid to help keep them in shape and looking their best.

Another plus for Proform Children’s Chocolate Protein is when shaken up with milk it can taste like a really healthy food dessert.

So in short do your best to improve your child’s nutrition as it can have such a positive effect on so much of their lives and on your life too.

There’s nothing quite like looking at a smiling child, playing happily in their own world.

So let’s do the best that we can to help make this happen.

Hugh Chambers   Holistic Nutritionist.