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Educohealth Life Force

What is the difference between a bar of chocolate and an apple?

Stick an apple in the ground and from its seed an energy is released that can break out from the ground and make an apple tree. If you stick the bar of chocolate in the ground, no energy comes from it to grow a chocolate bar tree.

The apple has this life energy in it that is called Life Force. This same Life Force sustains and fuels us as human beings. It is like a flame of life inside us, that helps fuel the best in us.

When it is low our energy is low and we can feel low mentally and physically. When it is high we feel at our best and happiest. People who are “Full of Life” have high Life Force.

Certain things we do support or grow that flame of life (our Life Force) and certain things help dampen it down.

Things that help raise Life Force

  • Eating food in as near to its natural state as possible. (Natural foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, salads, whole grains, oatmeal, whole grain brown bread, brown rice, lean free range meat, free range eggs, fresh fish; cod, haddock, ray, plaice, etc, nuts and seeds).
  • Exercise – Going for a walk, weight training, jogging, hiking, playing outdoor games such as football, tennis, swimming, etc. (Please note indoor games are good too, but the outdoor fresh air really helps the Life Force).
  • Doing things you like to do – Being in nature, dancing, going to a game or concert, meeting friends, indulging in creative persuits, gardening, painting, fishing, table tennis etc.
  • Meditation / Relaxation – Calming the mind and allowing yourself to tune in to your own natural equilibrium. Getting a restful night’s sleep.
  • Keeping a positive mental attitude, being less self critical and giving yourself space to grow into the best you that you can be.

Things that help lower Life Force

  • Unhealthy habits; smoking, drinking too much alcohol, drugs, eating junk food etc.
  • Lack of exercise, lack of fresh air / sunlight.
  • Being over stressed, too self critical, overly pessimistic, worrying etc.
  • Hanging around with the wrong people, too many late nights, working too hard.
  • Lack of self expression – No creative outlet to give you a buzz.

Think about it. We put the best fuel into our car and regularly get it serviced to help keep it in its best shape to help us around in our life.

Yet we may be not doing the best for ourselves with our body or our mind. Isn’t it about time we devoted the same care to ourselves as we do to our car or house?

A Health Program with a Difference

The big secret is high Life Force, cultivate this in yourself and this can allow you to have a much more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Our whole health program is totally devoted to helping the person have a much higher level of Life Force in everything they do.

Our supplements are uniquely suited to this as they are designed specifically to support and work along with the Life Force system in the body.

We would like to help you raise your level of Life Force, not just for a day or a month, but to help keep it at its optimum level for as long as possible.

Many of our customers are in their later years yet still have a vigour and energy about them that belies their age.

We would have to put this down to using the tips I have already mentioned and the health program that they are following.

If you feel that this is something that would be of interest to you then contact us and let us help take you to a higher level of Life Force.

Educohealth Life Force by Hugh Chambers – Holistic Nutritionist.

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