Fish Oils – Vital information

Fish Oils – Vital information

There is a theory that man originally evolved from fish life in Africa. This discovery has evolutionists saying our ancestors were fishlike beings equipped to breath oxygen when they stepped out onto land millions of years ago. It’s no wonder that throughout time fish has held a special place in our lives.

It has been a mainstay in so many different cultures diets. Everyone from the Eskimo’s of the Arctic, the sushi aficionados of Japan, to the hardy fishermen of the west coast of Ireland.

When I was a child in the 1960’s in Ireland Friday was famous for being fish day. It was something people consumed on a fairly regular basis. The benefits of fish have been lauded for centuries. In olden times it was often referred to as brain food.

Yet today people are eating much less fish and denying ourselves valuable support to help keep us at our healthiest.

The Power of Fish Oils

One good way round this is to take some fish oil on a daily basis. The basic components of fish oils are the fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Research from scientists of the European Food Safety Authority show that DHA and EPA to have significant roles in helping to contribute to normal blood pressure (3 g per day) normal triglycerides (2 g per day) and normal function of the heart (0.25 g per day).

Wow! Think about this for a minute! These are three health factors we all need to be aware of as we age. Each one is a big concern in the western world.

DHA also contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function (0.25 g per day) and also contributes to the maintenance of normal vision (0.25 g per day).

Our brain and vision are 2 things we always want to keep at their peak.

It would then seem like a very good idea to take in some fish oils on a daily basis.

Fish Oils with a Difference

However, do take care with fish oils. There can be a problem here, and that problem is the pollution in the sea. We have all probably heard about the toxic compound mercury being found in tuna fish.

Fish oils may not be immune to this either.

Our Educohealth Bio Oils are probably the purest, highest grade of Omega 3 fish oils you can get on the planet today as they are obtained from fish swimming in some of the cleanest waters in the world off the west coast of Peru. We then molecularly distil them to further enhance their purity.

Educohealth Bio Oils also contain a minimum of 60% EPA & DHA Omega 3 in a natural triglyceride form. This enables them to provide us with over twice as much EPA and DHA as conventional fish oil capsules and the highest concentration available in natural triglyceride form.

They are also encapsulated under nitrogen providing excellent protection for these sensitive oils against oxidation and damage from light. In contrast liquid oil preparations may oxidise easily once opened.

This helps ensure that we obtain the finest grade of Omega 3 fish oils possible.

Remember we at Educohealth don’t just sell the fish oils. We take them too, making us our own best customers.

Try them yourself and I’m sure you will become a big fan like we are.    

Hugh Chambers – Holistic Nutritionist.

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