protein pancakes

Happy Pancake Tuesday

Protein Pancakes For All The Family

This is a protein-packed stack of pancakes that has no oats, no bananas and doesn’t require a blender. These protein pancakes are also gluten-free and super low carb! 

Protein pancakes are so easy and simple to make and you are going to be making them every week as part of your meal prep.

So the few ingredients you need for these easy protein pancakes are:

2 Eggs
2 scoops Proform Protein powder 
1 teaspoon Baking powder
6 Tablespoons Water or Almond milk
Cooking spray, butter, or coconut oil for greasing the pan

Mix all of these ingredients together to form a batter. This batter usually makes 6-8 pancakes, which is perfect for 2 people, or you can save half of the pancakes in the refrigerator for the next day. Get your non-stick pan and then use the cooking spray because you do not want these to stick! Then flip.
We love how these protein pancakes don’t need a blender. 

The Protein powder we use is Proform as it is super low carb and low-fat. This recipe can also be used for Kids for a healthier pancake. Simply use the Proform Chocolate For Children instead. We hope you enjoy this recipe!

Happy Pancake Tuesday by Caroline Middleton Nutritional Expert