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Healthy Fats on Fat and Protein | Keto Diet

For some people, the idea of doing the keto diet| fat and protein diet sounds like it’s an unlimited license to eat a lot of fatty foods, but is that really the case? While keto is a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet, that doesn’t mean you should eat nothing but cheese and bacon. You still need to focus on proper balance and nutrition, and really try to get in those healthy fats.

Fat is Not All the Same

While people generally describe fats as being the same, it’s actually not the case. Different types of fats serve different purposes, and are metabolized in very different ways. Many of the foods produced today contain fats that are difficult for your body to handle, so it becomes a matter of health that you make sure to get the right amounts of fats, and that you’re aware enough to avoid the fats that can actually cause illness over time. 

When you’re looking at fats, there’s about five basic groups from the standpoint of how they are handled in the body. These are referred to as saturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and trans fatty acids. Among these categories, it can be easy to get caught up in labeling the fats good or bad, but it’s not quite so simple.

1. Healthy Fats from Plants

Now that you’ve seen a brief breakdown of the types of fat, it’ll be a little easier to see where these foods fall in line with the thrust of your healthy decision making. The foods that you eat to attain a healthy balance in your body should be simple so that they can be added to just about anything by just opening up your pooch and dropping them into the meal arena, or picnic table as fewer interesting people call it. That way you will always be prepared with the proper balance of nutrients that can keep your body running at an efficient level. The next few paragraphs will be a list of the amazing foods that you can use during this diet.


This is definitely a power food for anyone on a fat and protein diet, but is also accepted on just about every other diet as well. It is a wonderful source of healthy fats and ensures you get all the most important nutrients into your diet.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a kitchen staple that a lot of people turn to when they want to do some kind of healthy cooking. Olive oil is relatively plain, so it won’t affect your diet by throwing you out of ketosis. You can use it for all kinds of tasks, and it can also be ingested directly as a part of a meal. This oil is heavily antioxidant and can help you to reduce inflammation in your joints if ingested regularly.

One way to get a good dose of olive oil would be to try making some homemade salad dressing. There are a thousand different recipes that can show you how to make a super healthy and super simple salad dressing that you can bottle and enjoy with your friends and loved ones for weeks. There is one precaution that you should be aware of, however. Olive oil is an oil that shouldn’t be heated on a high heat. Try to stick to quick frying, or low heat cooking when you’re using olive oil so that it can remain complete and unchanged.


Walnuts are flavor and fun, but they’re a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids that help your body to stop swelling and cellular deterioration. Research has suggested that walnuts can even help to aid and preserve the brain functions are prone to deterioration through age. They fall under both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat types, and can help you to handle cravings of food during the middle of the day.

Just be sure that you have a decent protein and some of the core vitamins that your body needs. When you want a quick healthy snack, you can put a large handful of walnuts into a freezer bag. If you want to do something a little more complex, then you can add a few pieces of dried fruit to the mix so you can have an ultra-fresh nut mix.

Chia Seeds

When people think of chia seeds, they’re probably not really thinking about anything that can help you heal your body or give you a ton of nutrients in one serving. Studies of history going back to the times of antiquity have revealed that people used to consider chia seeds to be an essential part of their nutrition. As it turns out, recipes for life affirming gels, and routine additions of the seeds to thick frothy drinks has been a part of culture for over one thousand years.

Today, people use them to kick their proteins and vitamins intake up just a little bit more than the thing they’re adding them to. If you ever decide that you don’t want to eat eggs for a while or ever, then you can chia seeds as a substitute for eggs. This is done by simply soaking them until they turn into a sludge. Once made, you are free to use it to add to smoothies without experiencing the seed texture, or you can use it to replace eggs in baking.

Brazil Nuts

These large nuts are among this list for their protein and fat content as well. Doctors have recommended that you eat brazil nuts with some fruit like berries during breakfast time. This will help balance out the payload of nutrients. Fruit like strawberries make an excellent pairing when you’re on the fat and protein diet because they don’t really contain enough sugar to throw off your ketosis journey.

2. Healthy Fats from Meats and Fish


If you’ve been out anywhere fish is sold, salmon is a pretty common fish variety to encounter. There is a sort of familiarity with salmon because of its placement in culture and wide availability, and it’s also very high in healthy fats. Salmon is a great way to get protein, and guide your keto diet along. Salmon is one of nature’s more readily available sources of keto affirming proteins.

One really cool thing about salmon tis that there are a lot of ways to enjoy it. Fresh salmon can be eaten much like sushi. If you want something memorable, try eating some salmon with a mix of seared vegetables. That will help you to appreciate the flavor more fully, and help you achieve a balanced meal for that time of the day.

Grass-Fed Beef

A lot of people throw terms for animal enclosures around like they’re buzz words intended to start a conversation, which you can see works with a lot effectiveness, but the reality for many of these factories that produce meat is that many of the animals don’t ever see any sort of daylight. In order to be called grass fed, the animal has to be raised in an outside environment where they will be allowed to get exercise and move around.

Most beef is fed with ground up leftovers, and hormones intended to make the cow grow faster. Cows that are raised on grass outside are definitely happier and they get to live longer lives. Animals in captivity will often submit to exposure to any number of serious illness that can make them for the rest of their lives.

The healthiest beef you can get is grass-fed beef, which is more than worth the slightly higher price you pay for it.

A diet that is high in healthy fats and moderate protein can really make a difference to weight loss when done properly. Remember it is not a diet you need to stick to long term. Always monitor your process.

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