Christmas Magic for all the Family

Christmas Magic for all the Family

When I was a kid growing up in Dublin in the 1960’s, Christmas was the best time of the year. We lived in a cul-de-sac of 80 houses in a quiet suburb, where everybody knew everybody.

I remember well walking around the road at night time checking out the different Christmas trees in people’s front rooms. It was like a winter wonderland. Once the trees went up the fairytale would begin for us.

Myself and my younger sister used to love looking on as my mum dressed the tree making sure that she filled each one of the branches with our favourite decorations. The great smell of the pine from the tree seemed to just fill the room with that special smell of Christmas.

As kids we would be making our magic list to Santa for those toys that we had seen on TV. Sometimes they came and sometimes they didn’t, but in general we were thrilled with those magic presents from Santa.

It was the time for wishes to come true.

This Christmas comes at a time when we could all do with a bit of magic to help us recover from a year of great challenges.

To help with this here are a few tips to help you have your happiest, healthiest Christmas ever:

10 Steps to a Healthy Happy Christmas

  1. Go for a walk in nature for at least 20 minutes every day. (This helps ward off the low sunlight blues that can affect many people in winter). It also helps burn off excess calories if we over indulge.
  2. When baking switch from the overly processed white flour to the wholegrain varieties. Also use natural sweeteners rather than sugar: stevia, honey etc.
  3. When eating your main meal on Christmas day eat a salad before-hand. This helps fill you with less heavy food so when you do eat your big meal you have less room for the stodgy foods.
  4. Have a light breakfast when you get up so as you are not too hungry when dinner comes around and you find it hard to control your appetite.
  5. Go easy on the gravy and heavy sauces. Instead check out the natural alternatives from health stores.
  6. If you are watching a lot of TV or are on your computer or smaller screens a lot try checking out the settings and switching on the anti blue-light blocker. (The blue light from these screens can interfere with the sleep inducing hormone melatonin balance in the body and may affect your ability to sleep).
  7.  Eat protein at every meal rather than fill yourself up on Christmas pudding or cake.
  8. Switch to healthy substitutes for dessert, making your own natural jelly desserts with pressed fruit juice and gelatine powder. Also check out Proform Real Cocoa a delicious protein food drink that can be made into a really tasty dessert.
  9. Include more interactive games (cards, monopoly, scrabble, etc) that allow you to connect in a fun way with people.
  10. Watch out for those more vulnerable and reach out to them at this time. This act of giving will enrich your life and the lives of everyone you touch with the true Spirit of Christmas.

All of these steps can really help you have a truly special happy Christmas. So in the meantime make out your Christmas wishes for Santa, put them under your tree and let the magic happen.

We in Tony Quinn Educohealth would like to wish you the most magical happy, healthy Christmas and a new year filled with great fun, adventures and success.

Christmas Magic for all the Family – Hugh Chambers

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