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Lose Weight Fast

Why our weight loss system works

The trouble with losing weight is that we tend to take a rush at cutting down on calories and taking up exercise using lots of willpower, to burn off the fat. Just look at the news and you’ll see this model being held up to us by politicians!

A shocking truth however about cutting out many calories – say one third of calories – and taking up  running or aerobics, is that people – women especially –  can easily lose muscle and bone on these routines as much or more than they do fat. After a few weeks you easily can feel tired and drawn and lose the will to continue. This is bad enough in itself, but if you happen to gain weight again and repeat the process, this is very bad for your health indeed.

The only good approach to being in shape is to build up the resources of the body to keep your metabolism high, so that you burn more calories and get more energy from the food you eat. This is where our Super You Weight Loss System  can help. It is designed for holding on to firm lean tissue and muscle.

How to Lose Weight Fast? – The Super You  System, taken with a sensible diet, gives you extra protein-forming Amino Acids (Amino Energise) to be taken with meals during the day, and Amino-Or to be taken at night before bed. If you wish to get into better shape, therefore, we suggest that you just  cut out the last meal at night – let’s say you stop eating at 7:30 PM, and instead take Amino-Or with water, half an hour before sleep. This works gently on your metabolism overnight to set you up for a more energised weight loss experience.

For many people this may be all you need to get the inches off. As fat weighs less than protein there may not be so much to see on the scales because you are getting firmer, but your waistline will tell the real story.

It is a good idea also to eat more protein, preferably protein that contains calcium like cottage cheese, sardines, or Proform / Profemme protein. This extra protein tends to push  more fattening foods out of your diet, while also giving your firm solid tissue is a chance to build up and do the work they are supposed to do – burn calories for you to live from.

Using this approach, your metabolism can become more normal, you can burn your food more effectively for energy, and quickly feel better in the sense that if you’re burning your food better as you should , you will feel more energetic, especially in the morning.

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