Although a varied diet can provide your body with all of the nutrients it needs, in practice it can be hard to achieve all your nutritional requirements. By taking vitamin and mineral supplement formulas you no longer have to worry about achieving your daily nutritional intake.


“Antioxidant” is not really the name of a substance, but rather it describes what a range of substances can do for your health. They are sometimes called “free-radical scavengers.” Your body is constantly exposed to free radicals that exist both inside your body and the environment and cannot be avoided. Free radicals are involved in the progression of the natural aging process of cell activities and many of the diseases associated with it. Good sources of antioxidants are plant-based foods, especially fruits and vegetables.” However, supplementing your everyday routine with antioxidants can provide a powerful foundation for health in all areas.

Why Cell Rejuvenation Mix?

The EU completed a scientific study covering many of the ingredients in CRM. This investigation has validated and approved the claims we have made for this product since its introduction in 2007. CRM is a complex and advanced nutritional product with 53 separate high-quality ingredients. Some of these nutrients are hard to obtain in a regular multivitamin, often for reasons of cost. CRM offers them all for you in a single convenient daily dose

Quality of  CRM

We go to great trouble and expense not just to get the formula right but to seek out the best companies with the best ingredients (often patented). While food supplements are often kept on shelves for years (just go to a health store and check!), Cell Rejuvenation Mix is made in batches twice or three times a year so your supplement will be at most a few weeks old when you buy it. This freshness is vitally important for such a Complex product made of many delicate ingredients.

What are the benefits of CRM Multivitamins?

Many of CRM’s nutrients also are directed at supporting the immune system and helping the liver perform its detoxification functions.

  • Nine nutrients to assist with the normal functioning of the immune system
  • Nine nutrients for your energy and energy reserves
  • Helps maintain healthy inflammation
  • Help keep your bones in good shape
  • CRM contains specially chosen nutrients to help maintain normal vision
  • CRM’s formula contains two special nutrients to help benefit your normal mental and cognitive performance. Other high-quality ingredients assist with the formation of neurotransmitters – the brain’s “spark-plugs”.
  • Your heart and bloodstream, CRM’s formula is geared towards helping maintain normal cardiac function
  • Reproductive health, CRM contains selenium and zinc, nutrients with significant roles in reproductive health. Selenium helps maintain normal sperm formation, while zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction.
  • Iron and red blood cells. While CRM does not contain Iron (which can be a pro-oxidant), the nutrients it contains can help increase absorption of some iron sources, help maintain normal iron transport in the body, and assist with the metabolism of iron. Several of CRM’s vital nutrients also contribute to the normal formation of red blood cells.

How many CRM Multivitamins do I take?

Cell Rejuvenation Mix is best taken for not less than 6 months and preferably for most of the year. Benefits build up over a period of intake is 6 per day. Suitable for all ages – can give 1 to a child over 8.

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