You are only as good as your blood

You are only as good as your blood

This is all about you and your blood circulation and the amazing ways it affects your health. Now that the gyms are opening again and people are getting on the exercise trail it’s nice to make the most of that hard work.

All that training really pumps the blood around our body stimulating our circulation and making us look and feel healthier. It’s great to look in the mirror and see a shape you are proud of looking back at you.

What you may not know is that the great exercise pump you get can have a profound effect on your health for the better.  Believe it or not, your real age is reflected in the elasticity of your blood vessels and arteries?

Proper training and nutrition, at any age, makes the arteries “younger” and more flexible, helping the heart to do its work more effectively while restoring youthful vigour and vitality.

Sounds good doesn’t it! This is something of special interest to those of us who want to stay at our most youthful best for as long as we can.

The exercise and training are so important here as they really pump our blood around our bodies.

Our nutrition also plays a huge part, where the old saying:

“You are what you eat” is very relevant to our state of health and circulation. Eating a good natural diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables, good protein sources of meat, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds, pulses, beans, etc, natural fats from olive oil, avocados, etc, is a good idea.

Also nutritional science is constantly coming up with new exciting discoveries on how different nutrients can help support our health to its fullest. Of special interest to people reading this article is a unique combination of nutrients that are involved in the maintenance of the immune system, skin, hair and nails.

Those of you low in energy will be pleased to know that these nutrients also contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. They also contribute to the regulation of our hormones and the maintenance of testosterone.

You ladies out there may be thinking I don’t want testosterone. But did you know that ladies too produce testosterone but in smaller quantities. It too helps play some vital roles in a woman’s health.

The Role of Testosterone in Men and Women

Testosterone in Men supports:

  • Bone Density
  • Muscle strength and growth
  • Hair on body and face
  • Mood
  • Distribution of body fat
  • Sex Drive

Testosterone in Women supports:

  • Breast Health
  • Bone Health
  • Sex Drive
  • Fertility
  • Menstrual Health

If you ladies are concerned by this, bear this in mind. Most women won’t develop male characteristics because testosterone and other androgens act in a different manner in their bodies, being swiftly changed to oestrogen.

As both men and women age they produce smaller amounts of testosterone. Though at a lower level, this testosterone continues to play a vital function in maintaining health and libido for both sexes, helping contribute to a more fulfilling, healthy later life.

Go with the Pump

Back in the 1970’s there was a famous movie called “Pumping Iron”.

In the movie the bodybuilders were heard to describe how they trained as pumping iron. They also described the feeling where they pumped up the muscle with each repetition of each exercise. They described how the muscle gets pumped up with energy and blood where it looks bigger and stronger.

Intense exercise has a tendency to do this – give your muscle a pump.  As we train the blood vessels open up and new blood flows in. That’s when the muscles will PUMP becoming strong, firm and lean.

The PUMP is a great sign that the arteries are being exercised. Think what this is doing for your overall health. Good healthy circulation going everywhere in your body. It’s as if our internal piping is working at its best and our circulation can then do its best work. Exercise is especially important in this.

However there is also a health supplement really worth considering to help support you in this. It is made up entirely of natural ingredients.

A Nutritional Breakthrough for Men and Women – Nova

Touted by many natural health professionals as the most ground breaking find in modern nutrition, Nitric Oxide has become the new kid on the block that is sweeping all before it.

Nova is a Nitric Oxide supplement for power and drive. It combines Amino Acids with nutritional extracts which are specially chosen to be of benefit for both Men and Women.

Now with increased Citrulline for better Arginine force and with the added super-ingredient Pomegranate.

Nova also contains zinc, the essential mineral that supports normal testosterone levels in the body, as well as Niacin (Vitamin B3) that contributes to energy and a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

This can be a big help for men and women whether exercise-related or where a stimulating vascular response is needed when the overall drive is low. 

Its health supporting properties are hard to ignore.

Why not explore them for yourself. You will be glad you did.

Nova – You are only as good as your blood by Hugh Chambers, Holistic Nutritionist