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he One Supplement You Should Be Taking Right Now

The One Supplement You Should Be Taking Right Now

While the world waits for a definitive treatment, cure, or vaccine for COVID-19, studies have shown a significant correlation between a low level of vitamin D in the blood and a greater risk of infection. Vitamin D, commonly known as the sunshine vitamin, is a hormone with a vast array of benefits over and above bone and muscle health.  It comes in two major forms: vitamin D3, which is produced by the body, and vitamin D2, which is found in plants. It contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

To treat vitamin D deficiency, exposing skin to direct sunlight for 15–30 minutes, avoiding sunburns, along with incorporating foods such as salmon, white mushrooms, and cod liver oil may help some people to reach adequate vitamin D levels. However, in daily practice this can be hard to achieve overall. This is where a vitamin D supplement is recommended. There is special nutrient in the supplement  Cell Rejuvenation Mix that helps the normal formation and use of vitamin D in your own system. This nutrient is Vitamin K.                                                                                     

Dr. Abe Malkin wrote in an email to The Epoch Times that generally, a “safe daily supplement dose would be 2,000 IU [international units] daily, but for those who are more deficient, they can take up to 5,000 IU daily.” Malkin, who is the founder and medical director at Concierge MD LA, says zinc and vitamin C supplements should be taken at the same time “to help bolster the immune system.” Cell Rejuvenation Mix, and its content of Vitamin D, Vitamin K2 and other nutrients contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.                                                                                            

Bone Up On Vitamin D

Weak, fragile bones and susceptibility to fractures are some of the painful consequences of the debilitating bone disease, osteoporosis. Currently, 10 million people suffer from osteoporosis in the United States and another 34 million are at risk of developing the disease. The Surgeon General has named osteoporosis a national health threat and estimated that by 2020 one in two Americans over the age of 50 will be at risk for fractures from osteoporosis or low bone mass. 

There are several risk factors associated with the development of osteoporosis, including inadequate levels of vitamin D, which is essential to the body’s absorption of calcium. Recent research has uncovered that over 70 per cent of women over the age of 50 have low levels of vitamin D, and even women being treated for osteoporosis have low levels of the important vitamin.

Back in 2005, The American Medical Women’s Association issued recommendations that called for an increase in vitamin D to 800-1,000 IU daily. The risk assessment will enable women to actively address the adequacy of their vitamin D intake and will direct them toward a possible treatment option for osteoporosis to discuss with their doctors. 

“Women today want to be on top of their health to ensure their mobility and independence for a lifetime. The vitamin D risk assessment will help women recognize risk factors for osteoporosis and empower them to make important decisions about their bone health,” said Tanya Abreu, national director of Spirit of Women Hospital Network. “By spreading the word about the importance of vitamin D, we hope that women would recognize one of the risk factors for osteoporosis and take ACTION to prevent osteoporosis by talking to their doctors.”

Cell Rejuvenation Mix has vitamin D in a quantity large enough to accord with current recommendations.

One Supplement You Should Be Taking Right Now – Caroline Middleton – Holistic Nutritionis

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