Protein for Women

Protein for Women

If you are a woman, you got to check this out!

Every woman likes the benefits of being in shape. You feel more confident in yourself and are more attractive. Doing the right type of exercise and following a good balanced diet are two very important steps.

In the past aerobics was the exercise of choice as the best way to get in shape.

However, of late the tide seems to have turned in favour of gym exercise and in particular short intensive exercise sessions with weights. The problem with aerobics is in losing the weight you often loses muscle as well as fat. This form of weight loss can also leave you feeling drained and ripe for the boomerang effect of reclaiming the lost weight plus extra in many cases.

If you want to get in your best shape, try working out in the gym with heavier weights for shorter periods with more intensity. An added bonus of this is, as the work outs are shorter, you spend less time in the gym and more time on other things you like to do.

The Studies Tell Their Tale

According to the Healthy Ireland-Department of Health Survey (published on 5/4/2019), just over 37% of Irish people have a normal weight with 60% of adults being overweight or obese.

 In a recent UK NHS Study (published on 5/5/2020): 67% of men and 60% of women were either overweight or obese. Many other countries are facing a similar problem.

 There then appears to be a question mark over our knowledge of nutrition and health.

The low-calorie diets that have been the gold standard of getting in shape don’t seem to be helping with this.

Nutritional Support

Probably a better option here is to look for a balance of the 3 macro food groups (Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates) and concentrate less on calories.

Good steps to follow here are:

1. Avoid junk food.

2. Eat as much raw vegetables as you can (particularly those that grow above the ground, iceberg lettuce, celery, peppers, scallions, cucumber etc.).

3. Keep your underground vegetable consumption to a minimum, (potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, etc.). The one exception here would be sweet potatoes.

4. Eat the less sugary fruit: berries, kiwis, grapefruits, apples, etc.

5. Avoid the sugary fruit: mangoes, bananas, papayas, grapes, pears, etc.

6.  Increase your lean protein intake.

This includes foods like lean steak, turkey, white fish, free range poultry, etc.

These foods help firm up muscle tissue and burn fat.

The Power of Protein

Another excellent way to make sure you are taking enough protein is to have a protein food drink.

The trouble is when choosing a protein food drink for women it can get a bit confusing.

There are many protein drinks on the market, but one of the best for women is casein.

Casein protein is the curd part of the milk that is used in cheese making. One of the big advantages of it over cheese is that in the making of cheese often salt and cream are added to help with flavouring but are less desirable on a firm-up regime.

Casein is a slow protein, ideal for firming. Once taken it can hold in the body  up to 7 hours, and unlike other protein drinks you don’t have to keep replenishing at regular intervals.

This can be very useful to help support the firming-up process.

However, not all casein proteins taste that good.

A Useful Addition to a Woman’s Diet

ProFemme is a delicious casein protein food drink designed specifically for women.

It has added nutrients that help support women’s health. Among other things it helps, the maintenance of muscle mass (very important in firming), the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, (a valued support to those lacking in energy) and collagen formation in skin, teeth and gums, (to help you look your healthy normal best).

When going on a new regime it is nice to have something that you would regard as a treat to reward your efforts.

When you dig in your spoon and taste its creamy sweetness you will be surprised at how something so tasty could be so good for you. When you look in the mirror and see your progress, you will know it was so worthwhile.

I hope the information in this article has thrown some light on the do’s and don’ts of a good health program.

The biggest step you take is your first one so give it a go and start on the road to a firmer, healthier you. I think you will pleasantly surprise yourself.

Protein for Women by Hugh Chambers Holistic Nutritionist.

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