protein powders

Protein Powders

Do you want to lose fat and be in your best shape and health ever?

Your body cannot do this itself. The results will completely depend on you providing it with the highest quality building material available. When all your body has to work with is poor quality and / or lack of materials, it’s impossible for it to be at or look at its best. Discover what your body can do for you when you give it an abundance of the right materials.

Casein protein is a far superior protein to whey protein and has over 90% pure protein.

  • It’s high in calcium making it a more alkaline protein.
  • It provides amino acids – the building blocks of protein – over a seven hour period after a serving. The ideal is to provide the body with a constant supply of protein in any given 24 hour period, including during sleep.
  • In research, just one single meal of 1 ½ ounces of casein was shown to prevent whole body protein breakdown by 34%. In comparison, whey protein was shown to have no effect.

Our casein protein comes in powder form in a variety of flavours and makes a delicious high protein / calcium shake in seconds. In blind taste tests, Educohealth protein was voted the best tasting protein when compared with other market leading brands.

In addition to bodybuilders, protein powders are particularly valuable to growing children, the elderly, athletes and those wanting to firm up. It is precisely formulated to your particular needs.

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