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Your Health and Your Protein Shake

Protein drinks are drinks with high protein content. They are made by adding a protein source to fluids. They are considered food and nutrient supplements. With the popularity of protein drinks and powders, are these drinks beneficial to our health.

Proteins are indeed necessary for our body. Protein helps in building muscles, skins, hairs, nails and internal organs. There are twenty amino acids needed for the human body to grow. Eight amino acids are produced by our body. They are necessary and should be present in the food we eat. While, the other twelve amino acids are manufactured within the body.

Certain studies have shown that protein drinks are necessary to drink after intense exercise or training where muscle tissues are damaged. Protein is needed and necessary to repair muscles after physical exertion. Therefore, it is imperative that a person who is exercising intensely should consume more protein. Some studies agree that resistance and endurance training can really break down muscle protein and increase the need for protein consumption.

During intense exercise, there is an increased need for calories which is proportional to increase need of protein. So, when the amount of food that you eat increases, so does your calorie intake and your protein intake increases proportionally. It is important to eat plant foods like vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts which can get you some of the protein you need. A protein shake can be exceptionally nutritious and convenient and the right types of protein shakes like the Proform casein range are considered a food.

Like all food supplements you have got to research the protein shake or powder which is right for you. The right protein supplement can make the vital difference. We recommend a high-calcium form of protein such as our Casein range. Proform Casein proteins are manufactured here in Ireland with the highest quality natural ingredients.

Protein drinks should never be the only source of protein. As mentioned, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains and animal products are good sources of protein. From these vegetables, you also get natural antioxidants that can protect you against the harmful affects of free radicals.

Everyone needs an adequate supply of protein on a daily basis. As protein is the foundation of every tissue in the body, it helps to absorb and use as much protein as the body can handle in order to maintain good health. Most people fail to attain this best level of usage through their life, as a result of which they ‘leak’ protein over the years, resulting in a loss of lean tissue mass. If a person diets to lose weight, under most systems of weight loss extra protein is lost from muscles and organs. If the weight is gained again and the weight loss is repeated, this has a very bad effect on all tissues including bones.

Our physical size can never be the basis of good health. It can be judged by our strength, resistance to illnesses, longevity, skin tone and our youthful vigour as we grow old.

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Your Health and Your Protein Shake by Caroline Middleton

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