Reviews for super you box

Reviews of Super You Programme

Hear what our customers say About The Super You Programme!
Fiona Fitzpatrick ”Best weight loss product you’ll ever use. I noticed a big difference within a few days of using the products”.

 Maria Vallejo ”I used it before and I’m satisfied with the results that’s why I purchased them again with my new workout”.

Caroline O ‘ Brien
”The Amino Energise gives firmness to the muscle. Amino Or burns the fat so well, once you leave the correct fasting time before taking it going to bed. I like to leave for 3 hours. You know you are taking it correctly once your energy comes up and you start to feel your muscle getting a bit of definition”. 

Roger Middleton ” My wife convinced me to do this program with her as she had already seen great results. I found the Super You Programme worked very well with my regular exercise”.

Regina ‘I went down 2 dress sizes on this programme. The protein sachets are great. I wasn’t hungry and the diet was easy”.
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