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Superheroes of Our Immune System

(Part 1 of a 2 Part Blog by Hugh Chambers)

Our body is an amazing unit. It does so many incredible things for us: Circulates our blood, digests our food, grows our hair, and generates energy. It performs all of these wonderful functions and more. These functions help us to operate as a healthy human being. It will always try to work in our best interests to help keep us in this good state of health.

However we live in a world where external threats like bacteria, bugs or viruses can threaten our health. To help deal with these harmful Invaders, it has this amazing defence system that helps neutralise, kill or expel these threats.

This amazing defence force is our immune system. It is fuelled largely by nutrients called antioxidants. Antioxidants have a protective effect on our health where they reduce the number of free radicals in our bodies. Now more than ever (during this present health crisis), it is vitally important to have our immune system working at the peak of its powers. It is a good idea to have it loaded and primed, ready to meet any potential threat. This is where our immune system really come into their own.

They work like our very own internal superheroes helping keep our inner universe safe, defending us from the baddies.

The Leader of the Pack

Chief among the superheroes of our immune system would probably be vitamin C. It is a power packed antioxidant that has some amazing powers.

It makes a very impressive contribution to the normal workings of our immune defence helping support our body’s natural ability to keep it healthy and protect the cells from oxidative stress, (free radicals). Free radicals  attack and damage our cells, thereby making them more susceptible to illness and poor health. (It must be noted that not all free radicals are bad as our own internal defence system has a few which beat up the external invaders that attack our body. The problem is that when the imbalance of the invaders gets too great for our defence team to deal with).

Vitamin C can play a telling part here. It can really help redress the imbalance and help keep our immune system operating at a good normal level. But Vitamin C is not just a one trick pony it also has other superpowers to help us operate at our best.

For athletes: It helps support the normal function of the immune system during and after intense exercise.

Skin Health: Collagen is such a buzz word at the moment in healthy skincare. Vitamin C helps contribute to normal collagen formation for normal functioning of the skin, teeth, gums, cartilage and blood vessels.

Energy: If your energy is low Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Mental Health: If you are stressed you can consider its role in contributing to normal psychological function and the functioning of the nervous system.

It would then appear to be a very wise move to make sure that our immune defence is properly supplied with enough Vitamin C to do its job to the best of its ability.

This can help plug potential gaps in our defences which would allow the baddies through.

We will publish more on this next week

Superheroes of Our Immune System By Hugh Chambers our Nutritional Expert

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