Support you immune system

Support Your Immune System

Carefully follow all advice from the HSE and report and isolate if you have symptoms. Eat a healthy varied diet with the best and freshest foods you can get. Food supplements do not substitute for this.

Use Educohealth Products at the recommended intakes to supplement the nutrients that are known and recognised to support your immune system.

Support Immune System

Vitamin C & Zinc

Non-Acid Vitamin C – 100 G fine powder. A very cost effective form that can easily be taken with water or juice.

Energy C – provides 1g Vitamin C in a sachet to make a pleasant orange flavoured drink with 20 supportive nutrients. (30g)

Radiance C – a unique high-tech yet economical fat-soluble form of Vitamin C, more gradually absorbed and used in the system. Three capsules provide 1.1g Vitamin C. (66G)

Zinc: 20mg, in easily absorbed Citrate form. (120caps)

You may take one or two grams of Vitamin C daily to support your immune system. Any of the above forms combine perfectly with one or two zinc capsules daily (20mg)

Nutrition and supplements may not prevent you catching the virus. You can reduce the risk only by following the established advice. A well supported immune system could however make all the difference.