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Supporting Children’s Intelligence And Focus

When it comes to children’s intelligence, researchers at Cornell University, New York, have established that by doubling choline consumption in the last three months of pregnancy, a woman can enhance the mental capacities of her baby.

Remarkably, the testing to establish this enhanced level of focus and mental processing was done on seven year old children, indicating the long lasting importance of maternal nutrition.

How Much?

The US government sets an adequate intake for choline, set at 400 mg, or 480 mg for pregnancy, however most people fail to hit even 75% of this.

The new finding is that even if pregnant women hit the acceptable intake, their children’s brains will not be as fast or as good at focusing as if they had taken twice the level involved, between 900 and 1000mg daily in the case of this study. 

Choline is mainly obtained from eggs, milk, and meat, so popular diets that eliminate these items will be low in choline.

The Important Role Choline Plays

The benefits of choline on the brain are not just down to the fact that it helps form a neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, which is important in brain activity and making brain connections as well as memory. Choline also plays an important role in making sure that your DNA functions properly, and that your liver can absorb and digest the food you eat. In fact, choline is recognized as an effective liver tonic, and helping the liver metabolise fats in particular. This is important given that there’s a high prevalence of problems such as fatty buildup in the liver.

Tony Quinn Educohealth Cho-lean provides both Choline and its related factor Inositol. An intake of three daily gives you about 1000 mg Choline. In Ireland an upper safe limit of choline intake has been set at 3500mg.

Written by Martin Forde – Naturopath & Osteopath