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Is This Slimming’s Greatest Secret?

Did you ever see someone lose weight where they looked awful and you said to yourself, “They shouldn’t have bothered”? 

They appear to be at their right weight yet their face is so gaunt, their arms and legs are skinny and they still have a bit of a tummy. 

It’s amazing how the person can get so fixated with the weighing scales yet find it very hard to see the truth of them self in the mirror. 

Who wants to look great on the scales and terrible in the mirror? 

Unfortunately they have made the cardinal mistake of slimming; they have lost valuable muscle in their effort to lose weight. 

Muscle is what gives you shape, but it also has another very important function, it helps support our metabolic rate (our body’s ability to burn fat for energy). 

Why get rid of the very thing that not only gives you good shape, but also helps you maintain that shape? 

Searching the Web for Answers 

When faced with this problem people then usually go on the web for answers. 

We type in: best ways to lose weight, fastest way to lose weight, diet pills, slimming tablets, weight loss programs, easy ways to lose weight, quick weight loss, diets to lose weight quick, tips to lose weight, etc. 

The amount of information we get back can be bewildering and unfortunately much of it is not always that accurate. 

If anything it can leave you even more confused trying to separate the facts from the fiction. 

However two great markers of successful weight loss are as follows. 

The Core Secrets of Successful Weight Loss 

The answer is always fat-loss not just weight loss. (Who wants to lose their best curves or shapely muscle?) 

This approach contrasts hugely from standard weight loss information based on the advice of taking less calories in and doing more exercise to burn existing calories. 

Muscle is one of your biggest allies in helping you win your shape battle. 

The next step is to firm up or even gain more muscle. That is how you get in better shape. Simply put, lose fat and gain muscle. 

A Happy Mirror-Image 

Let’s face it I’m sure you wouldn’t mind what you weighed if you saw a buffed, toned, shapely-figure looking back at you in the mirror. 

This would allow you to put on your favourite clothes and strut your stuff showing off your great figure or physique. 

It would give you a great lift and is such a confidence-booster. 

What then can you do to set this process in motion? 

12 Tips to Help Get You in Your Best Shape 

· Eat natural unprocessed food: Fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat, fish, free range poultry, whole grains, quinoa and more sparingly nuts and seeds. 

· Cut out junk food: Cakes, biscuits, sweets, ice-cream, chocolate, etc 

· Cut out sugar, sugary drinks, take-away foods and go easy on the alcohol. 

· Eat 4 to 6 smaller meals a day. 

· Eat protein at every meal. 

· Weight-train for 3 to 5 times a week in the gym. 

· Go for a 20 minute walk every day. 

· Get 8 hours sleep every night. 

· Switch to healthy substitutes for less desirable foods. 

· Keep a journal to monitor your progress. 

· Give yourself realistic goals and try holding yourself to them. 

· Measure your waist and check yourself out in the mirror rather than weigh yourself on the scales. 

All of these tips are a really good idea and can make a big difference in helping you get in your best shape. 

However there is also something else that can make a big difference here and that is, taking the right health supplements. 

Health Supplements 

In the last 50 years there has been a huge growth in the health supplement industry. 

During that time has seen many breakthroughs in the field of nutritional science. 

Some of the most interesting of these being in the field of weight-loss and getting in shape. 

There are many products on the market today claiming to help you do this. 

Unfortunately often many of these don’t deliver on their promise. 

Health Supplements That Have Proven the Test of Time 

For over 40 years we in Tony Quinn Educohealth have been pioneering a unique approach towards getting in shape. 

It involves working along with the body’s natural ability to both, burn fat and firm muscle. 

During that time we have tweaked and improved our already great approach to make it more effective. 

Back in 1985 when we introduced the amino-acid formula Amino-Or they were an instant sensation. A few years later we added in another amino-acid formula Amino-Energise and customer feedback was even better. 

In the last few years we have added in the delicious Proform Protein shakes and the mineral Magnesium and this has taken things onto a different level. 

(The Proform Protein shakes can be made into tasty protein shakes, desserts, or can be added to smoothies. This makes them so convenient and easy to use). 

weight loss

From You to Superyou 

This powerful combination of specialized nutrients, have quite literally taken the chore out of getting in shape. 

They have proven the test of time and are still as popular as ever. 

If you are someone who finds them self looking to lose some unwanted weight then they can be a great option for you. 

They can really help stack the weight loss odds in your favour. 

These four nutritional powerhouses are contained in the Tony Quinn Educohealth’s You to Super You Box. 

We have got results for generations of people. 

A big plus for the Tony Quinn Educohealth You to Superyou Box is the way it helps work along with the body’s natural fat burning process. 

It is also lends valuable support to our muscle building process. 

These are two vital components of getting in shape. 

So at first don’t worry about the weighing scales, it’s your shape that matters. 

Use the mirror as your judge. 

When you fit on your favourite clothes and notice how well you look in the mirror you will think to yourselves how this has been so worth it. 

It’s great to see the wrong parts disappearing and the right parts appearing. 

That’s what we all want. It’s what makes us smile and feel happy in our skin. 

The nutrients in the Tony Quinn Educohealth You to Super You Box have helped so many people in those 35 years; let’s see what they can do for you.

Written by Hugh Chambers, Holistic Nutritionist

Obesity Increases Health Risks from Covid-19

Some very interesting news has come to light in relation to obesity and Covid-19. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US, being overweight or obese can increase the risk of severe illness from Covid-19. 

It has been known from early days in the pandemic, the risk factor associated with obesity and Covid-19. 

Approximately 78% of US hospital patients admitted with Covid-19 (from March to December 2020) were either obese or overweight. (28.3% were overweight and 50.8% were obese). (1). 

This is not good news for either the overweight or the obese. 

What was already an uncomfortable position has now become a potential health concern. 

What can be done to help lose this weight? 

Doing the Same Thing That Didn’t Work Before 

Tried all the diets, did all the exercise routines and still couldn’t seem to lose the weight? Even if it was lost, it usually shot right back up when the diet was broken. 

Does this sound familiar? If so the chances are you have made the classic mistakes of weight loss. 

6 Classic Mistakes of Weight Loss 

· Don’t just lose weight, make sure it’s fat you lose. 

· Don’t lose muscle (muscle helps support the body’s own fat-burning process). 

· Don’t count calories (you could have the same amount of calories in a can of tuna as a small fruit cake but they will help give you two different bodies). Eat more nutritious foods instead. 

· Don’t overdo it on the aerobics (This can help you lose valuable metabolism-supporting muscle). 

· Don’t starve yourself (again this can help you lose muscle). 

· Don’t become obsessed with the weighing scales. (There are times when you can be at the right weight but in the wrong shape, where you don’t look well and have lost it from your face and neck). 

These are all common failings of weight loss regimes that let people down. 

However here are a few healthy tips for a healthy more natural weight loss. 

10 Healthy Tips to Help Get You in Shape 

· Lose only what you don’t want (the fat hanging in the wrong places). 

· Make sure to firm up your muscle tissue (the parts that help give you shape). 

· Focus more on your measurements and how you look in the mirror than on what you weigh on the scales. 

· Eat a more natural diet: lean meat, fish, free range poultry, low fat cheese, quinoa, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, etc. 

· Make sure to have a nutritious breakfast every day. 

· Eat some form of protein at every meal. 

· Cut down on processed foods: cakes, biscuits, sweets, ice-cream, chocolate, sugar, take-away food, pasta, pizzas, fried foods, processed cereals, etc. 

· Go for a 20 minute walk every day. 

· If possible do three weight training sessions a week. 

· Keep a diary to help you set realistic goals and monitor how you are doing. 

All these tips will help greatly stack the odds in your favour for healthy weight loss. However there is also another great way to help get you into your best healthy shape. 

This involves using some unique natural health supplements that are a great support to those who want to lose that unwanted fat and firm up our muscle. 

A Tried and Trusted System 

Back in 1985 a revolutionary new weight-loss product came on the market. It was called Amino-Or and it took the weight-loss industry in Ireland by storm. 

People started to use it and the results that came back were amazing. It quickly became a firm favourite with Tony Quinn Educohealth customers. 

This continued until 1997 when an amazing new amino-acid formulation called Amino-Energise was introduced to accompany the Amino-Or. 

This ‘Dynamic Duo’ then proceeded to get even better results and took the Tony Quinn Educohealth firming program onto a totally different level. 

In 2017 two more valuable additions were added to this program in the shape of the delicious Proform Protein powder and the mineral Magnesium. 

This new combination of these four firming-up powerhouses comprises

the Tony Quinn Educohealth ‘You to Super You Box’ 

It has quite literally taken the chore out of getting in shape. 

A Support like No Other 

The ‘You to Super You Box’ became an instant favourite with our weight conscious customers and continues to get ever-better results. 

Among other benefits it also contributes to: 

· The reduction of tiredness and fatigue 

· The normal functioning of the nervous system 

· The electrolyte balance 

· The maintenance of normal bones 

This helps make the ‘You to Super You Box’ not only an excellent support in your getting-into-shape program but also a valuable health support too. 

The First Step 

It is so important to safeguard your health during Covid-19 and beyond. Being in good shape is one very good option for you. 

It appears from the US data that being out of shape puts you more at risk. 

Start today to take steps to help get you in the best shape possible. The above Healthy Tips are a very good option. 

Please try them and see what they can do for you. 

Alternatively the ‘You to Super You Box’ could be a really good option for you. 

It can really help kick-start your shape program and also offer some valuable health support too. 

In the meantime Stay Healthy and Stay Safe. 

(I). https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7010e4.htm


Are You a Slave to Slimming?

I’m sure you have seen it, it may be a friend or a family member or it might even be you yourself. The weight has piled on and your old shape is getting harder and harder to see under this new layer of fat.

Wearing your favorite jeans is no longer an option as when you try and close the belt they won’t fit. You are also now going more for the plus-size in clothes rather than your old standard size.

You may already have tried a few things to lose weight but it is proving harder than you thought to reclaim your former shape.

Changing your diet seemed a good idea so you tried: low calorie, low fat, low carb, keto, etc to mixed results.

The weight dropped off, yet then seemed to pile on much faster after you finished these diets. So you tried again and again yet the results if anything got worse. It just seems to be a never-ending battle that you can’t seem to win.

It’s as if you have this monkey on your back encouraging you to eat the bad food while at the same time the monkey then gives you a hard time for eating it.

You can then become like a slave to this slimming monkey who traps you in this vicious circle.

Food Obsessions

You can have these huge cravings for junk food that are very difficult to deny, for example ‘goodie foods’: cakes, biscuits, sweets, ice cream, and fast food, etc. You try your best to ignore these and stay on a good diet yet it usually ends up back right where you started.

The problem is the more you eat the ‘goodie foods’ the stronger the hold they appear to have on you. Also, the rebound guilt you have with yourself for giving in to the ‘goodies’ can really start to ground you down.

So you are fighting an emotional problem as much as a physical one.

It’s like you are caught on a loop here that continually repeats itself.

This food battle can then quite literally dominate your life.

This is a shame as there is so much more life out there to be lived yet you are caught up in this control loop and can’t escape to live it.

Is The Slimming Industry Failing You?   

Figures often quoted of 95% of all weight-loss diets failing don’t exactly instill confidence in helping you get into shape.           

Whether this figure is accurate or not, it still helps highlight what appears to be a worsening trend of people getting more and more out of shape.

In many of the developed countries in the Western world, it is not unusual for approximately 50% of the adult population to be either overweight or obese.

The World Health Organization is so concerned by this worrying trend of global obesity they have coined a term for it ‘Globesity’.

This doesn’t auger well for the slimming industry which for almost 60 years has been trying to help people lose this unwanted weight.

In that time this problem appears to have only got worse.

Globally we are probably now in our worst shape ever.

Searching for Help Online

This realization drove you to go online and check out slimming pills, appetite suppressants, fat burners, diets to lose weight quickly, and other suchlike weight loss searches.

Unfortunately, this can be very confusing (with such a bewildering amount of information available) separating the hype from the truth.

If You Keep Doing the Same Thing – You Get Same Results

The real problem here is the person’s lifestyle.

More and more people are now leading an unnatural lifestyle.

They eat overly processed foods, do a little exercise, and seemed to have a more stress-filled life. This is like a perfect combination of factors for knocking us out of shape.

As the old saying goes “If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results”.

What can we do here than deal with this?

Over 40 Years of Helping People Get into Shape

For over 40 years Dr Tony Quinn and his brainchild Educohealth have been helping people get into their best shape.

In that time thousands of people have reaped the benefits of the Educohealth weight loss system. The system is so popular that we still have people with us who started off on the path of Educohealth back in the 1970s.

We must be doing something right to have such loyal people, happy with our service.

The cornerstone of what we do is encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

We do this because we don’t want to just get you in shape for a month or a year but to help keep you in your best shape possible for the rest of your life.

To do this here are a few health secrets to successful slimming:

Health Secrets to Successful Slimming:

  • Start by including more and more natural food into your diet every day: Lean meat, fish, free range poultry, low-fat, sugar-free dairy produce, fruit, vegetables, whole grains etc.
  • Reduce your intake of processed food and junk food: Cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, ice-cream, sugar, take-aways, etc.
  •  Try healthy substitutes to help wean you off the less desirable foods: Make your own burgers from lean mince. Make your own healthy jelly from fruit juice and gelatine powder. Use brown rice instead of white rice when making your curry.
  • Think more in terms of healthy eating rather than calorie counting. You are building a sound base here that can really help pay off for you big time.
  • Check your progress in the mirror and your clothes rather than the scales. In normal slimming you can often look better on the scales than the mirror. It’s your shape that matters not your weight. Lose fat and firm up muscle.
  • Keep a diary and chart your progress. This allows you to see what’s working and what’s not. But don’t be obsessive about it.
  • Be kind to yourself. If you fall off the wagon and break your diet, don’t give yourself a hard time. Instead just dust yourself down and get back to it. (This helps you weaken the hold of the emotional judge in your mind).
  • Take up some form of exercise: gym-training, tennis, golf, jogging, etc. (Don’t over exercise. Three to four times a week is fine).
  • Try doing a 20 minute walk in nature every day.
  • Start where you are at and bit by bit include as much of these Health Secrets into your daily routine as possible.

A New Level of Slimming Support

Over the years we in Tony Quinn Educohealth have experimented with different health supplements to help support our body’s natural ability to stay in shape.

In that time we have tried literally thousands of formulations with varying degrees of success. In the process we have helped separate the wheat from the chaff and come up with some real goodies.

To say our loyal customers are keen about these would be an understatement.

Many of them have been using these supplements for years and continue to do so.

Chief among them would be our Day and Night Weight Loss Box which contains two real gems Amino-Or and Amino-Energise.

This combination of natural amino acids has been a firm favourite with our weight-conscious customers for over 20 years.

Three years ago our research team created an even more potent combination of nutrients. The highly energized nutritional 30 Day Super You Programme. At Tony Quinn Educohealth we believe the answer to feeling super healthy and looking great, comes from within. 

It really packs a punch and is quite literally the ideal health support for helping you get into shape.

Time to Get Off the Slimming Roundabout

Remember you are not an eating machine; you are a human being with hopes and desires that need feeding on all levels.

Be kind to yourself and try and adapt as much of the weight loss secrets into your new lifestyle.

Using the Day and Night Weight Loss and the ‘Super You’ Box can really be of benefit. These products can often be the kick-start for you to adopt that better lifestyle into your life.

In the meantime take what steps you can and keep on improving on your road to your best shape.


Hugh Chambers.

motivation weight loss

Three Winning Ways to Motivate Yourself into Losing Weight

Losing Weight Fast

Losing weight takes motivation and when it comes to personal issues such as body image and weight loss, the motivating reasons can vary greatly from person to person. The only true way to succeed in losing weight is motivation, that driving force that keeps you plugging away day after day pursuing your fitness goals as well as your healthier diet goals. But how do you stay focused and not lose that motivation?

In order to succeed at anything, whether it is landing your dream job or buying a house, takes motivation. Motivation is a dynamic inner force that gives us the resolve to carry out responsibilities and eventually reach our most prized objectives. Each person’s motivation varies each day depending on your mood or perspective on different situations.

Developing your motivation for weight loss is fairly easy. It could be as simple as wanting to be able to keep up with your kids or showing off a hot new figure at your next class reunion. However, the hard part is keeping up that motivation level high enough to prevent yourself from experiencing too many setbacks. Here are three ways to motivate yourself into losing weight and staying on course:

Accept who you are

Many times, people fail in their diet and exercise programs because they set unrealistic goals for themselves. Everyone is guilty of this at some point or another. And because you are being bombarded by the body “ideal” in the media, this exacerbates the problem with your motivation.

Accept that you are unique and that your hips that gave birth to three kids are not going to magically shrink into a size six. Instead, look at yourself not and recognize that who you are isn’t bad at all. Loving yourself first is the first big step towards more positive goals. And when you have more positive and attainable goals, the motivation will follow. Chances are that when you give yourself permission to be who you are right now and not be down on yourself wishing you were someone else, you will feel the pressure being released from your shoulders. Learning to work with what you have will greatly aid your cause in losing weight.

Keep your eyes on the positives in any situation

If you want to stay motivated, do not dwell on the negatives. That means you should compose a list of all the things you like about yourself, both inside and out. Most of us do not think about all the good things about our bodies, so if you practice this little assignment, chances are that you are going to feel better about yourself. You need to feel positive in order to keep those motivation levels up in your weight loss plan.

It takes practice to keep your mental focus on the positives. Being down on yourself is detrimental to your success. Besides your primary objective of losing weight, focus on the other benefits of exercise and a healthy diet such as living a longer life, fewer trips to the doctor, more energy, and more self-confidence. Knowing all of the other positive aspects that are a part of your weight loss goals is important too and a great motivation lifter.

Set goals so that you have a focus on Losing Weight

Without a particular goal, you cannot get motivated enough to even try. If you are not thinking about the reasons why you are exercising and dieting, your mind will start to work against you. Write down your ultimate goal first. In addition, write down mini-goals, little milestones that you can work at to achieve one step at a time. When you have those little steps, each time you reach one, you will feel more confident and motivated. The hardest part is accepting that it may take a little longer to reach a step than it was before.

By thinking positively about yourself and how far you have already come is usually motivation enough to get you past those hurdles of self-doubt. If not, review your goals. Perhaps, they need to be re-modified based on your new circumstances. That is the beauty of setting goals … they can be re-written.

There are also a few ideas you can implement to help you keep your eyes on the ultimate prize. Talk with your family and friends and let them know your weight loss goals. Join an online support group or even one near you. Sharing your goals makes them more real and will make you feel more motivated to do good to “show” all the people supporting you that you can do it and that you are a winner.

Check out our weight loss video today and see how the Super You Programme could work for you https://www.educohealth.com/weight-management/super-you-weight-loss-box

lock down weight gain

Lock-Down Weight Gain

It’s over, we’re free and the lockdown has lifted. The days are getting longer, brighter and hopefully warmer. It’s time to break out our sun-catching summer clothes to have us looking our attractive best. Yet for many of us the unthinkable has happened. Those tasty take-away foods, the over-indulging in junk food, increased alcohol intake and the lack of regular exercise has transformed our body.

Unfortunately this is one transformation we don’t want. Those extra pounds of fat now covering our natural good shape are a price we never intended to pay for our indulgence during the lockdown. The belt we find hard to buckle on our favourite jeans is often the first sign that things are going off course. It’s a bit shocking when we then see saggy bits appear in our mirror as our shape changes into to something not to our liking.

Turning to the Net for Help

We then often hit the internet for an answer to this.

We Type:

  • How to lose weight fast.
  • How to lose weight in 7 days without exercise
  • The best way to lose weight.
  • The easy way to lose weight.
  • Weight loss pills.
  • Best diets to lose weight fast.

These are just some of the questions we ask to help us get back on track. The trouble is there is so much information available to us it can be very confusing. And not all of it is accurate.

Looking for Good Role Models

We look to famous celebrity role models that have lost weight. These can be movie stars, singers, sportspeople, TV personalities etc. They can lose some amazing amounts of weight yet often in the process lose some of their curves or muscle that made them so attractive. Ok the plastic surgery and botox can cover up a lot. Yet did you ever see their necks? How skinny and old they can look!

For decades Hollywood has been famous for getting out-of-shape actors and actresses into shape in double quick time for movie roles. Unfortunately this has not always been to the benefit of the health of the celebrity. The tabloids and magazines will tell their story of the weird, wild or wonderful things they have done to get into shape. It’s good press for them. Yet the same press can often show some very unflattering pictures of the same celebrity a few months later when they are not in their best shape or health-wise. Maybe these celebs are not the best role models after all.

Pandemic Weight Change Research

Results of the American Psychological Association Pandemic Study throw some interesting light on our Pandemic Weight change. This study conducted online between Feb 19 and 24 of this year surveyed 3013 adults’ aged 18+ that live in the US.

Key Findings of This Study Include:

  • 61% of Adults had an undesirable weight change.
  • 42% gained more weight than intended.
  • With this group the average increase was 29lbs. (The typical median gain being 15lbs)
  • 18% of participants had an undesirable weight loss.

A change of weight can be a common symptom of people experiencing difficulty in dealing with mental health challenges. The pandemic lockdown is one such challenge.

The Confusing World of Weight Loss

Now more than ever we are being bombarded by the media with newer and better ways to lose weight and get in shape. We have vegetable soup diets, low calorie diets, fat-free diets, low carb diets, ketogenic diets etc. We also have different slimming clubs and organizations, gyms and exercise routines. But how successful are these really? Despite these wonders (even before the Pandemic), we appear to be getting more and more out of shape.

Global Problem

The World Health Organization coined the term Globesity for the worrying health threat that overweight and obesity has on our world. Obesity can be a risk factor in serious health problems. These include diabetes, heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, to name but a few. This is not the direction we want to be going in. What is going on here then? What can we do?

Our Best Efforts Come to Nothing

We can drive ourselves crazy looking for the best way to lose weight? This can make us panic and do things to lose weight. We can take appetite suppressants, slimming pills, go on extreme diets etc. Unfortunately many of these only work short term and often can have a bad rebound effect. This can leave us worse than before. After all that time, money and effort, it is such a drag.

Almost 50 Years and Still Going Strong

For almost 50 years Dr Tony Quinn has been involved in helping get people into shape. In that time many of our customers have taken up the healthy lifestyle we promote and have been using it for decades. We don’t want to just help get you in shape for a month or a year. We would like to encourage you to make meaningful health changes. These changes can help stack the odds on your side for your to stay in your best possible shape for the rest of your life. This involves a lifestyle change.

10 Core Secrets to Successful Weight Loss

Here are a few tips to help you lose weight and be in your best healthy shape:

  • Eat food in as near to its natural state as possible e.g. Lean free-range grass-fed meat, fresh fish, (not the farmed variety), free range poultry, wholegrain bread, whole grains (oatmeal, brown rice etc) quinoa, fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Avoid junk food: Cakes biscuits, sweets, chocolate, ice-cream, sugar, sugary drinks etc.
  • Cut down on processed foods: White bread, white rice, white pasta, pizzas, take-aways, fast food etc.
  • Switch from thick sauces and gravies to using herbs and virgin olive oil to season.
  • Eat protein at every meal.
  • Eat 3 moderate-sized meals a day.
  • Always have a breakfast. If you are to miss a meal make it supper.
  • Exercise 2 to 3 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes. (Work out in the gym, play tennis, golf, football etc).
  • Don’t calorie count; instead concentrate on eating natural foods.
  • Aim to lose fat and gain firm tissue. This helps give best shape.

These steps can really help kick start you in the right direction in your goal to getting in your best shape.

Help From another Direction

For many it can be hard to get themselves motivated to make the necessary changes to get themselves in shape.

An ideal way around this is to include some special health supplements that help support our body’s own natural fat burning process. These include the “Dynamic Duo” Amino-Or and Amino-Energise (Educohealth: Day and Night Weight Loss Pack). They have proven very popular with our weight conscious customers for almost 25 years.

A Totally New Level of Diet Support

For those who want to take their getting in shape to a different level the “You to SuperYou” Box is a great option.  It contains the “Dynamic Duo” Amino-Or and Amino-Energise as well as the delicious high protein sachets that help keep staying on a better diet much easier. It also contains a unique healthy eating plan featuring special protein recipe suggestions, shopping lists and useful healthy tips. Our customers just love the variety and tastiness of the programme.

The First Steps in a New You

Now is an ideal opportunity for you to not only regain your former shape but to turn a new leaf and achieve a much higher level of health and shape. Let us in Tony Quinn Educohealth help you with this. For starters try doing as much of the 10 Weight Loss Secrets mentioned earlier to help get you on track. They can really help start the ball rolling for you.

Invaluable Diet Support

We have the power to sculpture our perfect shape in our mirror. All we have to do is mobilize that power inside of our self.  When we do, it can be a defining moment in our life. This can allow us to wear our figure-hugging clothes and smile happily at ourselves as our great shape takes form in our new mirror reflection. Think of the great sense of achievement and confidence it would mean for you to achieve this special goal.

Follow the steps and also check out what the “You to SuperYou” box can do for you on this special journey.

Lock Down Weight Gain by Hugh Chambers

Our Team are Here to Help – Call 01 8304211 to avail of A Free Consultation with one of our Nutritional Experts and advice on Weight Loss.