the mind and sleep

The Mind and Sleep

The spinning stressed mind is probably the single biggest cause of sleep problems or insomnia. To quote words from a popular song we are “stuck in a moment and can’t get out of it”

While acknowledging the merits of meditation and mindfulness, there is something else that is well worth checking out in relation to calming a stressed racing mind.

It is a special relaxation routine that helps relax not only the conscious mind but the unconscious mind as well. Our mental conflict usually happens when consciously we want to do something but unconsciously we want to do something else.

We get into an internal struggle with the two sides of our mind at war with each other.  The more we get both sides of the mind to agree and go along with each other, the more the stress reduces and things start to work out for us.

This unique relaxation routine is the brain child of Dr Tony Quinn one of the most well-known people in the world today in the field of the mind. He received a MSC degree for discovering a unique method of harnessing the power of the unconscious to help in everyday life. He also holds qualifications in Hypnotherapy and NLP.

Some of his best work is condensed into a relaxation download called Relaxation with a Purpose. This download is a must for anyone troubled with stress or stress related conditions: anxiety, insomnia etc.

When played over a period of time it helps align the conscious and unconscious minds into a more productive, relaxed, focussed, harmonious way of operating. This in turn can have a very positive effect on our ability to “chill out” and sleep.

It is especially useful for those of us troubled with a spinning-mind, which we find hard to switch off.

Once you get into this structured relaxation model, it’s amazing how our outlook on life can change for the better.

It is simple to use and an invaluable tool for those of us who want to relax more or help improve focus in different areas of our lives, be it business, sport, study, etc.

Sweet Dreams

When we put our head on our pillow as we go to sleep at night, the more we have happy relaxing thoughts going through our mind, the easier we can let go and drift into a deep relaxing night’s sleep.

The Relaxation with a Purpose download can help our mind be more structured and relaxed, to best help nature take its course here.

When we awake in the morning relaxed and refreshed, with a big smile on our face, we will know how worthwhile this unique relaxation model is.

After all, we owe it to ourselves to have the best and most relaxing night’s sleep.

In the meantime sweet dreams, stay healthy and sleep well. Hugh Chambers

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