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We have been in the health food business for over 40 years. This makes us the oldest chain of Irish health stores in Ireland. We are Irish based and many of our supplements are manufactured in Ireland.

The supplements we sell are chosen by us for their potential to supplement what is missing in and to balance your everyday diet. That is, to make good any deficiencies. No matter how “good’ a person’s diet, most people are not getting all of the required nutrients from their food. As people’s diets have evolved, it is becoming more and more difficult to eat a diet that supplies all of the body’s required nutrients.

The general public is mainly motivated through advertising to take health food supplements. However, the indiscriminate use of supplements may not be the best for that particular person. Consequently, people may say “I tried taking supplements but I didn’t notice a difference”. However, we believe that for you to really experience the difference you would need a balanced food supplement program – as opposed to just taking individual vitamins and minerals on a haphazard basis.

With that understanding, we have obtained our best results by giving people food supplements that have a positive effect on the whole body. This is in keeping with our Holistic Medicine philosophy. We see it more the role of the nutritionist or dietician – who has personally consulted with the individual concerned – to recommend single vitamins and minerals. At Tony Quinn Educohealth, we have a team of qualified nutritionists who are available to discuss your supplement needs and recommend a program. All of the staff in our stores are qualified to recommend an individual supplement program for a customer.

There are so many health food supplements on the market today that people become confused as to which are the most beneficial. We, at Tony Quinn Educoheatlh have taken all of the confusion and guesswork out of it and sourced the best and most results-producing supplements available.

There are some very sure ways of knowing how good food supplements are. Ideally when a new product is launched, after initial advertising, the product should sell by word of mouth. We consider this the best test of all because it is not based on advertising but on real life results. Some of our best selling products have been doing so for over 40 years and therefore we believe that they have been tested and passed by you, the buying public, with flying colours.

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