educohealth Life Force

About Tony Quinn

Tony Quinn is the originator of Educohealth (Ireland’s longest established chain of health stores), Educogym (an award winning gym franchise) and The EDUCO® Model (a global award winning Educational System). This campaign is focused on letting people know about Tony Quinn’s work and how Educohealth, Educogym and The EDUCO® Model can show people how to go from You to Super You in all areas of their life.

You to Super You programme is focused on activating a person’s Life Force within. Life Force is an Energy or Power that is inside every human being but is largely unexplored. With increased or freed out Life Force a person gains increased capacity to achieve results in all areas, and experience a greater depth of living. This Life Force is like a Super Power that can be availed of for greater health, happiness, success etc.

It is aimed at Adults 18+ interested in exploring the power and potential of their Life Force or Power within and discovering the world’s greatest secret to health and wellbeing.

We launched our Tony Quinn Educohealth Super You weight loss box in conjunction with our Super You program in Educogym. Educogym training is based on a university validated research study where, over 12 days, participants lost on average 7.5lbs of fat and gained 3lbs of lean muscle. It is the most result-producing study on record over a 12 day period.

With Educohealth, Educogym and The EDUCO® Model people can literally go from You to Super You by accessing their Life Force – The Path to Power! This is living life on a new level. A direct experience of a person’s own Life Force can have transformative results in all areas. Tony Quinn Educohealth Supplements are formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients combined to increase a person’s Life Force. The Educogym System is designed to train a person’s mind as well as their body also increasing Life Force in the process. The EDUCO® Model trains a person how to use more of their mind thereby accessing and availing of their power and potential within which is their own Life Force. The ultimate mission of Educohealth, Educogym and The EDUCO® model is for a person to become their Superhero Self.

Do you want to lose weight, get in shape, increase your energy, reverse the aging process, hear about how your unconscious mind is the doorway to a new alternative way of living, avail of your Super Power within and cause a quantum leap in your human potential? – Call us on 01 8308588 for a free consultation.