Why Tony Quinn Supplements are best

Why Tony Quinn Supplements are best

Why our supplements are so special

Back when Tony Quinn opened up his first health store in the late 1970’s he staffed it with people like himself, health enthusiasts who were their own best customers. The eager staff advised customers on all aspects of health, fitness and nutrition. The staff motto was “The more the customer benefits, the more the business grows”.

At first the shop mainly sold fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrain bread and some homemade cottage cheese products. Gradually the shop began to introduce health supplements sourced from the local health wholesaler.

This worked well for a while until two instances happened which led to the manufacturing of our own supplements.

The first instance involved a delivery of a new type of vitamin C which was found to contain a sweetening agent that was banned in certain countries because of its potential carcinogenic properties. Not what you would want in a supplement that was supposed to help your health. Needless to say they were sent it back before we sold any.

The second instance was with consignment of Desiccated Liver Tablets (much favoured by athletes and sports minded people). They tasted great but when people used them they were not getting the results.

When analysed, much to our surprise they were found to contain almost 50% sugar. On finding this they were dropped from the product line immediately.

Our Own Best Customers

You have to understand that we didn’t want to put anything into our products that we as health conscious people would not want in our own bodies.

Being our own best customers this decision was a no-brainer.

This led us to sourcing and developing our own range of health supplements containing only the ingredients we wanted in them.

This is something we have been doing for about 40 years and during that time Tony and our research team have come up with some truly unique ground breaking products.

We still have customers from all those years ago as they know that we use the best of ingredients.

This may make the products a little more expensive but as they say “you get what you pay for”.

Over the years we have introduced unique products for weight loss, natural skin care, stress control, sports performance, women’s health, men’s health and natural child care, which are still selling well to this day.

They have stood the test of time. In some families we can have three generations using our products. The grandmother started using them 40 years ago, the mother 20 years ago and now the granddaughter is using them in her late teens or early 20’s. Now all three generations can be using them together.  

Allow Us to Help You

Now with the impact modern media and the internet are having on our lives we can be constantly bombarded with information on health, getting into shape, fitness, sports nutrition etc. It can be very confusing when faced with this.

Let us take the mystery out of health and health supplements for you and in doing so help guide you to a higher level of health, shape, fitness and well-being. In the process we would also like to help you to be the best you can be for as long as possible. This is why Tony Quinn Supplements are best.

Your Health is Truly Your Wealth.  Spend it wisely.

Hugh Chambers – Holistic Nutritionist.