Miss Ireland 2017 group photo with Derek

At Educohealth we’re proud to be Miss Ireland 2017 Fitness & Nutrition Sponsor
Check out how you can enhance your natural beauty through nutrition & supplements today.

And the winner of Miss Ireland 2017 is…! We all yearn for bikini bodies and glowing complexions. Like everything else in life, you have to work for it. Nutrition is the key to our overall health & wellbeing. A good workout is never complete without a healthy diet. So what’s on the typical model menu? At educohealth, our interest in nutrition goes beyond the menu. We know that getting the 4 pillars of health right is essential to ensure our optimum health and wellbeing. Let us share those key pillars with you!


Protein makes up all the solid tissue in your body. Your skin, hair and nails are all made of amino acids, the fundamental building blocks of protein and the basic building blocks for perfect collagen. Your skin literally sits on a bed of protein. Good quality protein means a leaner body in the gym. Beauty from the inside out is something that we all get fed up with hearing but let’s face it, it’s true! A healthy diet equals healthy glow.


Calcium, magnesium and zinc. Cutting dairy from your low-calorie diet can lead to early osteopenia in just 9 weeks (not good news, right?). However, you can prevent this. Profemme the low glycemic firming health & beauty protein drink, covers all your calcium for the day along with good quality protein. This high calcium, low-fat casein milk protein can help you feel more balanced, trim your waist and promotes healthy bone and teeth – another good reason to try it for yourself!

Omega-3 fish oils

Omega-3 fish oil capsules are really good for your health in general. For good health, the body requires a balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils. Our modern diet is often lacking in Omega-3 oils and can be quite high in Omega-6 oils, tipping the balance in the wrong direction. Just as you wouldn’t put the wrong oils in your car, you wouldn’t expect your body to function with the wrong oils! Omega-3 oils from fish provide the body with the vital fats EPA and DHA.

Having investigated claims for fish oil products, the Scientific Committee of the European Food Safety Authority has declared that for fish oils to effectively contribute to maintaining normal blood pressure, a consumption of 3g a day of EPA + DHA is required, and to help maintain normal blood triglycerides, 2g to 4g is needed. We recommend you try Bio Oil Fish Oil tablets.


Some of these powerful nutrients are hard to obtain in a regular multivitamin. Every day your body is attacked by free radicals. They come in like Pac-Man attacking vital cells. Free radicals are caused by bad fats and oils, intense exercise, sun, stress, pollution, smoking and alcohol. Have you ever seen a plastic bottle dried up and brittle in the sun? The same thing happens to the collagen in your skin. That’s free radical damage. Antioxidants are like a magic bullet that kill off free radicals. Why not consider Cell Rejuvenation Mix, a single supplement packed with nutrients (Vitamin A., B12, Vitamin C, Niacin, Zinc, Lycopene, Magnesium and more) directed to strengthen the immune system and help the liver to detox the body – cleansing it of waste and toxins. This super supplement can contribute to healthy immune function, boost energy, thyroid function, teeth, skin and hair health and much more. We believe it’s the best anti-ageing product on the market.

The key is to build up good health credits while you are young. Getting the foundations right will stand to you big time in the future. A holistic approach to life is all about the right diet, the right exercise and the right food supplements, along with adopting a great mental attitude. Also, remember that food supplements are there to balance out what’s missing in the average diet. It’s important to note that taking too many individual supplements can throw your system out of balance.

Follow these few simple steps and you’re sure to be feeling your best beautiful self from the inside out.