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Peptide C 180 Capsules

Peptide C 180 Capsules
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A revolutionary breakthrough in collagen production, Peptide C is based on completely new discoveries related to how the body tells its cells to make a new collagen framework with a youthful level of elasticity and support.

Peptide C contains VERISOL® with a special and exclusive production process that results in an exceptionally low molecular weight form of collagen uniquely appropriate to the needs of skin cells.

The process, to be successful, requires the presence of the correct supportive phyto-antioxidants. For this purpose, Tony Quinn Educohealth has identified Red Orange Complex(TM), a high-level extract of local deeply coloured citrus varieties grown in the intense solar radiation and rich volcanic soil surrounding Mt. Etna in Sicily.

Physiologically, your body must instruct your dermal cells  to form new supportive collagen, and to repair any collagen that may have been damaged by pollution or UV light, and this can happen only with the presence of effective solar-protective nutrients.

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