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Proform Natural Protein 1kg

Proform Natural Protein 1kg
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The Trainer’s Choice For Power And Muscle

Proform Natural contains 99% calcium caseinate with absolutely no sweeteners, perfect for those who want high-protein while controlling sugar intake. Studies have shown that calcium caseinate is a ‘slow protein’ – it supplies high- quality protein nutrition over a period of hours at a rate the body can easily use to form new tissue. It also has the bonus of being extremely rich in calcium, helping to keep bones and nerves healthy.

Key Benefits• High protein (98%)
• Sugar / Carb free
• Fat-free
• High calcium content
• Guaranteed to contain no whey
Why Choose?One of the big mainstays of our physical performance and shape is the quality of our muscle. In particular have we enough of it? Muscle helps propel us to our best performances, burn fat and give us good shape. So it’s vitally important to support our muscle level properly. The protein in Proform Natural helps maintain and grow our muscles. This is a very important factor in getting into shape. Proform Natural contains 99% calcium caseinate, yielding massive 98% protein content and it contains no sweeteners of any kind. The result is an extremely high-yield, sugar-free protein food for those who wish to increase their protein while controlling their sugar intake. This can be a very useful support to someone on a diet to get in shape.

It can also be an ideal complement to gym trainers and athletes.
DirectionsFull Serving: Mix 30g (1 level scoop) in 400-500ml milk, water, or diluted cream.
Half Serving: Mix 15g (= scoop) in 200-250ml milk or water, or diluted cream.
Calorie count approx. per full serving made on water: 118kcal (484kJ) or on 400ml of whole milk: 350kcal (1464kJ), nonfat milk: 250kcal (1046kJ), soya milk: 250kcal (1046kJ), oat milk: 375kcal (1569kJ), cream (1:4 with water) 310kcal (1297kJ).
Nutritional InformationVitamin D 5 μg
Calcium caseinate 30 g
Product InformationAllergy Statement: contains milk protein from milk
Suitable for vegetarians.
If pregnant or breastfeeding seek
your doctor’s advice before using
this product.
Made in Ireland from EU-source
dairy protein.

Calcium caseinate (milk protein), thickener: guar gum, vanilla flavouring, anti-caking agent: tricalcium phosphate, cholecalciferol.
PROFORM NATURAL does not contain added amino acids.

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