Family Friendly Fitness Bundle

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Choosing the right protein for the whole family can be a daunting task. Many of our customers ask the question ” Is protein something that is used for muscle-bound guys lifting weights” Is it safe for my kids to take it. At educohealth 90% casein has always been our first choice for all the family.

Proform pure casein low-fat protein drink. Delicious vanilla flavour
Proform low-fat casein protein,  Delicious, Creamy Strawberry Flavour!

Product Description

Proform (1kg Strawberry Flavour) Proform pure casein Instant Protein is an excellent low-fat protein food that supplies the body with a generous amount of absorbable calcium. Calcium is an essential nutrient needed in relatively high quantities

Proform (1kg Vanilla Flavour) To obtain the benefits of Proform pure casein Instant Protein food at least one serving should be taken each day.

Proform (Chocolate 500g) Super nourishment for growing kids. Perfect for picky eaters, active kids, and children in need of extra nutrition. A lunch-box treats, or to fuel up before or after sports and activities. This shake can be used for children age 3 and up, and has that chocolate taste kids love.

*Results may vary for each individual and we cannot guarantee specific results.


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Family Friendly Fitness Bundle

123.00 92.25