Girl Power Pack

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Each product has been chosen to support you along your girl power journey, helping you achieve that body with dynamic energy, pushing you even closer to achieving your health goals.

Tailored Just For Women
Energy-C sachets are refreshing orange multi-vitamin health drink that contains 1000mg vitamin C to support the immune system
Amino-Or - night-time weight loss system

Product Description

Why choose this program

Profemme (500gm Real Cocoa) Profemme  is more than just a protein, this exclusive low fat, delicious real cocoa low glycaemic high calcium casein food with extra B –Vitamins, Vitamin c, Vitamin D , Vitamin E. GLA, Chromium, Dim, Isoflavones. Use Profemme protein with meals instead of reaching for fat and carbohydrate rich foods, this delicious food can be used anytime during the day either as a delicious dessert, meal replacement or snack. Profemme is a rich source of protein. Used as directed is an excellent daily meal replacement.

Energy- C (30 Sachets Real Orange Flavour) Vitamin C may be used up by stress, including the stress of intense exercise.  Why not take before exercise for that extra energy boost or after exercise as a delicious thirst quenching refreshing drink. Ideal on the go in sports bottle

Amino Or (120 caps) particularly helpful in conjunction with the right type of healthy eating program and exercise, where fat loss is required. Amino-Or is an amino-acid, a natural part of a protein, which helps the body burn fat and firm and tone the underlying tissue. In order to work, it must be taken on its own, apart from food. Ideally taken before bed or an hour before training.

Profemme Shaker The perfect way to blend your educohealth shakes into a delicious creamy drink.

*Results may vary for each individual and we cannot guarantee specific results.


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Girl Power Pack

126.00 94.50