Muscle & Fat Burner Pack

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Each product has been chosen to support you along your muscle-building journey, helping you achieve those gains, pushing you even closer to achieving your health goals

UBF - the ultimate high-tech creatine delivery system. Can work 160% better than Creatine. Also contains cell fuel Beta-Alanine. Delicious Fruit Punch flavour.
Proform pure casein low-fat protein drink. Delicious vanilla flavour
This brain and anti-ageing nutrient benefits the nervous system, but also accelerates fat burning, especially during exercise.

Product Description

Why choose this program

Ultimate Body Fuel (1.5kg fruit punch flavour) Creatine is the officially recognised and approved energy and strength booster for sports that allows athletes and trainers to work harder and make greater gains in training. UBF is the only high tech creatine delivery system that has a real study where participants gained 8 pounds of lean muscle and lost 4 pounds of body fat in just 28 days.

Proform Protein (1kg) Protein is essential for helping build and maintains muscle and achieve optimum results. Now your body can benefit from the perfect protein retention with caseins 7-hour anti-catabolic release.

Alca-Lean (60 caps) L-Carnitine has been one of those supplements promoted among bodybuilders, athletes and sportspeople now for many years. Why? What is so special about this supplement? An increasing body of evidence illustrates the favorable effects of L-Carnitine for athletes and physically active people regarding performance, fatigue and recovery. Our unique formula called Alca-Lean along with the above benefits has the extra added ability to accelerate fat burning. This highly active form may also help release bound up testosterone throughout the body. Certainly a product worth carrying around in your sports bag.

Educohealth Mixer Beaker: Perfect for on the go. Fuel up and make sure you never miss a shake.


*Results may vary for each individual and we cannot guarantee specific results.


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Muscle & Fat Burner Pack

114.00 85.50