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About Tony Quinn

Born in Arbour Hill, Dublin, Dr. Tony Quinn is a world leading expert in the areas of health, wellness, human potential and mind technology. Dr. Quinn is the pioneering mind behind The EDUCO® Model and his mission statement and, consequently that of EDUCO®, is to help people avail of their innate Mental Capacity and Power. He does this by training a person to use more of their mind and increasing their level of LIFE FORCE, thereby raising their level of consciousness and deepening their experience of Life.

Dr. Quinn is utterly unique in his ability to flow the Qi (LIFE FORCE) to people and cause life-changing transformation. It is this ability to flow the Qi at the purest level, and transfer it to other people, that has attracted thousands of people to attend his Seminars and experience it. Attendees on the Seminars come from all walks of life to experience this LIFE FORCE and experience first-hand its power and possibilities for us all.

Dr. Quinn has spent his life researching human potential and as part of his research, he realised the vital part that the unconscious mind plays in allowing a person to access more of their mind, and ultimately their true human potential. As a result, he obtained an extensive list of academic qualifications in this area (both English and American) including a Master of Science Degree (University of East London) majoring in Psychotherapy, Unconscious Attention®, Modelling (Designing Models) and Programming. Dr. Quinn also has a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (State Approved, California, USA) and conducted his own original research into the unconscious with a university in London. As a result of this ground breaking research, Dr. Quinn made the pioneering discovery of Unconscious Attention®, the doorway into accessing a person’s ultimate human potential, from within.

The discovery of Unconscious Attention® was a game changer and the breakthrough in allowing people to use more of their mind. The key is attention - with greater attention, the unconscious mind comes into play and more of the mind is accessed. Unconscious Attention® is the attention of the unconscious mind – hence the name. Ultimately Dr. Quinn was able to train people to achieve pure attention and the ground breaking results achieved as a result, are documented and recorded across the areas of sport, medicine, business, health & fitness, personal success, anti-ageing and Self Realisation to name a few. At the purest level of Unconscious Attention®, a person can tap into their LIFE FORCE within which is the world’s greatest untapped power.

All of us at Tony Quinn Educohealth share Tony's passion and his belief that the greatest health secret of all is LIFE FORCE. The more LIFE FORCE a person has, the happier, healthier and more successful they are. Tony Quinn Educohealth supplements are formulated to increase a person’s LIFE FORCE and bring about ultimate results. Our supplements increase a person’s LIFE FORCE in their body, are bespoke, contain the highest grade premium quality ingredients and deliver verified results. We have testimonials from very happy customers spanning 45 years and take extreme pride in the fact that our supplements are among the greatest in the world.

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